MachineMax forms strategic partnership with Israeli company INTSITE

Posted by Paul Moore on June 27, 2022

A new strategic partnership between Shell company MachineMax and INTSITE aims to use video telematics and contextual machine data to create a digital monitoring solution with a view to improving machine safety, performance, fuel efficiency and CO2 reduction.

INTSITE’s AI and Deep Learning help optimize the machines in the middle of a workplace, transforming the performance of industries focused on heavy machinery – in construction and mining, the partners say safety and performance improve as the machine becomes more intelligent, using computer vision and deep learning technology. Tzach Ram-On, CEO & Founder at INTSITE told I’M: “It is a great honor for us to partner with MachineMax, a leading telematics company. Combining our powerful computing vision and AI technology with the MachineMax platform will dramatically improve the efficiency and safety levels of heavy machinery.”

The MachineMax equipment management platform and universal off-highway fleet telematics sensors work with customers to measure key metrics including utilization, productivity, idling, fuel economy, location and hours of operation. This collaboration with INTSITE’s camera-based solution provides a general, responsible overview of a machine.

The machine vision technology solves many problems on site, for example, the camera images can detect how a machine is being used so that it is able to idle and identify the reasons behind it, which is supported by the real-time MachineMax data. It also detects important safety measures such as the proximity of a pedestrian to a machine, the machine operating at an angle and predictive maintenance due to machine irregularities. Therefore, this gives site teams a visual context for the MachineMax data and an extra layer of exposure to their sites.

MachineMax CGO, Jennifer Thomson said: “I am extremely excited about this partnership with INTSITE. The idea of ​​augmenting real-time machine data with visual analytics to improve safety, productivity, sustainability and operations is the next big step toward digital sites. We think that by combining this data we can improve human capabilities, by using AI to combine data sets and draw conclusions that are not inherently obvious on the job.”

Christopher Webster, INTSITE’s Head of Client Services said, “This is a fantastic opportunity for MachineMax and INTSITE. The partnership with MachineMax not only confirms our commitment to the mining and construction industries, but also our unequivocal passion to help the industries understand how great technology, delivered simply, can play an important role in safety, efficiency and reducing operational downtime of heavy installations and cranes.”

MachineMax is pleased to partner with INTSITE as a strategic partner as it will improve the safety and efficiency of heavy machinery through telematics and computer vision technology, all through a single integrated platform.

INSITE (Intelligent Site) was founded in 2018 in Haifa by twin brothers Mor and Tzach Ram-On, aimed at replacing human-operated heavy machines with autonomous heavy machines that can function independently. MachineMax consists of an equipment management platform and universal off-highway fleet telematics sensors, which measure key metrics together with customers. Now wholly owned by Shell, it continues to operate as a standalone organization benefiting from being part of Shell’s newly formed Sectors & Decarbonisation business, which consists of expert sector teams that will provide MachineMax solutions to mining, construction , manufacturing and agricultural customers worldwide .

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