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Instagram is an incredible platform for promoting handmade goods. With an insane amount of active users, there is no better place to show off your beautiful creations. There are no shortcuts to replace hard work, but there are always some things you can do to give you a better start.

Before you start promoting your goods on Instagram, there are a few things you need to know.

1. Handmade goods are a hot item

There is a very large market for handmade goods, which is only growing. In fact, according to Etsy, the handmade goods market is currently worth $2.4 billion

With such a large market, it’s no wonder so many people turn to Instagram to promote their handmade goods. Any kind of goods can be turned into profit as long as there is a demand for them.

Researching your target market is essential to successfully promote your handmade goods on Instagram. If you’re not sure where your goods will fit, check out what’s already selling on Etsy and other similar platforms.

You can also check hashtags to see what people are saying about handmade goods. Identifying popular trends will help you market your goods better. Sometimes you have to put a new spin on an old item to be successful. For example, if you don’t see coffee mugs with a certain type of design, you could fill that niche and thus demand.

Ensuring that your business can operate profitably is the key to any success, so make sure you are always fully aware of what you are doing before taking the plunge to promote your handmade products on Instagram.

2. Why Instagram is the perfect platform to promote your products

Instagram is the perfect platform to sell handmade goods for several reasons. Being one of the most prominent social media platforms, it offers a great alternative to setting up your own website to sell your products. There can be many complications when creating your own site, such as signing up for a bad web hosting service, forgot to renew your domain name or not having enough traffic to your site.

The first reason is that Instagram is incredibly visual. Since your goods are likely to be very visually appealing, this is a huge advantage.

People are much more likely to make a purchase if they can see it first. Instagram allows you to showcase your products in all their glory, giving potential customers a real idea of ​​what they’re buying.

Another reason Instagram is perfect for promoting handmade goods is because it has a huge active user base. From June 2020there were about 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram.

This means that there are many people who may be interested in your products. All you have to do is reach them.

Finally, Instagram is a very attractive platform. People are constantly scrolling through their feed, liking and commenting on posts. This makes it the perfect place to promote your handmade items.

3. Effective Ways to Create an Instagram Account for Your Business

If you don’t already have an Instagram account for your business, now is the time to create one.

Creating an Instagram account is very easy and only takes a few minutes. All you need is an email address, a phone number or a Facebook account.

After you create an account, you can start sharing photos and videos of your handmade items. Make sure to include some relevant hashtags and a link to your website in the bio section of your profile.

Differentiating yourself is very important because you are competing with many other companies. Creating a unique value statement and using high-quality images can help you grab the attention of potential customers.

Always make sure your company is clear about what it offers. By creating a consistent brand, you can build trust with potential customers. If possible, try to use uniform colors, fonts, and logos across all your social media platforms.

4. What content should you post on Instagram

Now that you have an Instagram account for your business, it’s time to post some content.

When it comes to promoting your handmade goods on Instagram, quality is paramount. Posting high quality images and videos will improve your Instagram page and make your products more attractive to potential customers.

In addition to posting photos and videos of your products, you need to post content behind the scenes. This could be images or videos of you making your products or even just photos of your workspace.

People love to see the process involved in making handmade goods, so this is a great way to interact with them on a personal level.

Instagram Reels have become a trendy way to share short videos. These videos can be up to 15 seconds long and are perfect for sharing quick tips or showing off a new product.

There is an interesting way to get the attention of your Reels videos. You can use creative effects, add music or even use a voice over. Always backup your content on cloud services or other places in case your phone or computer crashes.

5. How can you use hashtags to get more followers and traffic to your store?

Hashtags are a great way to get more followers and traffic to your store. When used correctly, hashtags can help you reach a wider audience and connect with potential customers.

To find relevant hashtags, start by looking for popular hashtags related to handmade goods. It’s also good practice to check out some of the hashtags your competitors are using.

Once you have a sizable list of relevant hashtags, you can start using them in your posts. Make sure to use a mix of popular and niche hashtags to reach the widest possible audience.

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Besides using strategic hashtags in your posts, you can also use them in your Instagram Stories. This is a great way to reach even more people and drive traffic to your store.

If you find your page is getting a lot of traffic, you can even create a unique hashtag to make your brand more memorable. Being creative and having fun with your hashtags is a great way to connect with potential customers and set yourself apart from your competitors.

6. Tips for promoting your handmade items on Instagram

When trying to be a success on Instagram, it’s important to remember that quality is key. This applies to the images and videos you share as well as the written content.

Take the time to edit your photos and videos so they look their best. You can also hire a professional photographer or videographer to help you create quality content. If you pay for views for your page or when investing in a full ad campaign, make sure your content is top quality to get the most out of your money.

Making sure you’re genuine and personable can also help you connect with your audience. Instagram is a great platform to showcase your brand’s personality. If you have a value statement for your business, you can apply it directly to your content. Creating Instagram roles to showcase your product and how it’s made is also a great way to show potential customers exactly what you’re selling.

You can be of value in other ways, such as writing blogs, tutorials, or even just sharing your story. Focusing on some other ways to help your audience shows that you’re not just trying to sell them something, but you’re also trying to help them solve a problem.

Now that you know how to use hashtags, create high-quality images and videos, and share behind-the-scenes content, it’s time to promote your handmade products on Instagram. By following these tips, you can connect with potential customers and drive more traffic to your store. Don’t forget to have fun with it and be creative!

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