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Meta praises new developments in experienced PTSD therapy

Meta praises new developments in experienced PTSD therapy

2B3D’s virtual environments were featured in a series of tweets and a promotional video posted by Meta on Facebook this week

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, June 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire – Metaverse and NFT Pioneer 2B3D Inc. was mentioned in a series of tweets referring to the virtual reality environments developed by 2B3D in conjunction with the veteran-run and operated Forge Forward Project, to bring peace and healing to war veterans at risk from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) . Meta shared a short video on Facebook’s official Meta page, highlighting 2B3D’s veteran nonprofit partner Forge Forward Project, as well as video clips of 2B3D’s virtual environments.

“It’s a bit surreal that [Meta] shared a video of all the good we are doing with our veteran nonprofit [Forge Forward Project] and the technology company [2B3D]Nathaniel Free, Chief Communications Officer for 2B3D, said in response to Meta’s video. “We bring peace and healing to our fellow vets through virtual reality. End of story.”

Meta replied, “The way… [Forge Forward Project] technology used to connect and heal is uplifting! Thank you for building a better future for veterans.”

“Thank you [Meta]† Robert Bell, co-founder and CEO of 2B3D, responded publicly. “Very grateful for your support for this mission to help recover those who so bravely put themselves in danger so that others may live and be free.”

2B3D is a technology company creating breakthrough medical solutions with VR. Its primary focus is the integration of promising emerging medical treatments into proprietary VR games to address widespread, debilitating mental disorders with a much higher success rate than currently available therapeutic methods. Through its partnership with Forge Forward Project, the company is currently conducting trials on patient groups with PTSD. The short-term goal is to make this software widely available in today’s VR headsets to save lives. 2B3D also uses the same technologies to create other VR, NFT, Crypto and Play-to-Earn games to reward investors and the Web3 community with fun blockchain VR education and financial opportunities.

About Forge Forward Project

The Forge Forward Project is a veteran-run non-profit organization dedicated to bringing peace and healing to our fellow veterinarians with PTSD through advanced virtual reality technology developed using biomarkers from Functional NeuroCognitive Imaging (fNCI) brain scans. . The Forge Forward Project is the first veteran owned and operated nonprofit organization dedicated to helping fellow veterans in virtual reality. They are a certified tax-exempt 501(c)(3) and all donations go directly to helping transform the lives of veterans. To learn more about their mission, visit

About 2B3D

2B3D is a decentralized metaverse with active and evolving communities in the cryptoverse. The 2B3D metaverse includes several core projects:

  • VRx | Virtual care with NFT prescriptions and real professionals.

  • NFTy150 | NFT marketplace, coin option and showroom.

  • Topher’s Inferno | Connecting enthusiastic gamers with ambitious developers.

  • RestXP | B2B meeting rooms with a resting crypto reward.

  • So many gods | A sci-fi looter shooter with a play-to-earn space theme. science fiction

2B3D’s pre-sale NFT “Genesis Project” is slated for July, followed by a token drop shortly after. Dates will be announced on Twitter. For more information about 2B3D, please visit: or follow us on Twitter at @2B3Dinc.

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