11 of the Weirdest DALL-E Generated Images on the Web

Despite the existential horrors that come from the ever-expanding wealth of knowledge gained by artificial intelligence – they sure know how to make art. And now the internet is taking full advantage of this technology to generate some epically weird images using DALL-E Mini.

Named after the surrealist artist himself, Salvador Dali, DALL-E uses artificial intelligence to create images based on the text you write (however weird). For example, if we typed “Elon Musk trapped in space,” the AI ​​would pull up images of the billionaire trapped eternally in the void of space (or so you might hope).

DALL-E was originally invented in 2021 by OpenAI, but the images created were often grainy, imprecise, and time-consuming to generate. However, OpenAI has significantly improved the software, resulting in DALL-E 2 – a powerful new model that performs much better. DALL-E 2 is slowly being rolled out to the public via a waitlist, but the version available to the public, DALL-E Mini, has had great results so far.

Twitter has illuminated some wonderfully interesting images of Cthulhu appears on Sesame Street to a giant lobster playing basketball† So we took it upon ourselves to find 11 of the weirdest images we could find made by DALL-E

“Nosferatu in Rupaul’s Drag Race”

“Darth Vader Ice Fishing”

“Jesus Christ on fire breakdance”

“The Demogorgon of Stranger Things with a Basketball”

“A bottle of ranch testifies in court”

Ronald McDonald performs open heart surgery

“Duolingo trail camera”

“Santa takes a picture in a tornado”

“Walter White in Animal Crossing”

“Thanos is looking for his mother at a Wal-mart”

“R2D2 is baptized”

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