Corgi Puppy With Dog Toys

Adorable puppy brings ‘favorite’ toys and snacks to bed Delights Internet

A sweet clip showing a puppy jumping into bed with a snack placed on the popular reddit Forum “Aww” has quickly gone viral and has melted viewers’ hearts.

“He likes to put his favorite snacks and toys on his bed,” read the caption of the post from u/Catrechtwhich garnered more than 34,000 votes since it was posted on Tuesday.

A piece published by The spruce pets noted that dog toys are essential, but some dogs prefer specific types of toys.

Corgi puppy with dog toys
A sweet video of a puppy jumping into bed with his favorite snacks and toys has gone viral on Reddit. Here’s a stock photo of a Corgi puppy surrounded by toys.
Daria Guseva/iStock

“A dog’s toy preference depends on her personal playing and chewing style,” the piece reads. “Try a few different toys for your dog and learn how she likes to play and chew.”

Among the different types of toys that an owner can get for their dogs are balls, dog puzzles, and plush toys.

“Stuffed dog toys usually contain squeakers and some sort of stuffing,” the outlet reported. “Dogs often tear into it and stuffing goes everywhere.”

The article recommends that owners supervise their dogs when they play with plush toys to make sure they don’t swallow stuffing or squeakers.

In the video, the little puppy trots to his bed with something in his mouth.

He pauses by his bed for a moment before jumping in and curling up to get comfortable.

Redditor u/Catrecht wrote to news week that her dog Thomas is a “very sociable and playful 8 week old Pembroke Welsh Corgi.”

She said his favorite toy is a slipper, a lollipop made of string, a small soft cigar chew toy, and a plastic water bottle.

“He’s very gentle with little kids and for some reason he really likes construction workers,” u/Catrecht said. “He has the zoomies at 5 a.m., but he sleeps a lot during the day.”

Viewers flooded the comment section to express their delight at the clip.

“Oh God, what a cutie,” one commented.

“What’s even cuter is that he’s developing an adorable habit that he’ll do 100% when he’s a big puppy,” wrote another viewer.

“OMG the little legs…even a jump to get on the bed lol…Adorable,” wrote one Reddit user.

One viewer opined that Thomas is “cartoon character levels of cute”, while others asked for more content with the puppy.

“Made my ruff morning a whole lot better,” wrote one viewer.

Many others have posted nice content on the Reddit forum.

A video that was shared characteristics of a piglet who liked to be scratched at his stomach so much that he fell.

Another clip showed a dog greeting her owner by nearly knocking her to the ground after jumping on her.

a video popped up on Reddit again, and it showed a dog howling along to a song.

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