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Google Cloud and other Internet service providers are recovering from network problems attributed to a network cable breach that began in the Middle East and Asia just before 0700 PDT (1400 UTC).

The cable, Asia-Africa-Europe-1 (AAE-1), is a 25,000 km submarine cable operated by a telecom consortium. It connects Southeast Asia to Europe via Egypt.

According to Doug Madorydirector of internet analysis at network monitoring biz Kentik, problems with AAE-1 affected internet connectivity in several countries in East Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia, including Pakistan, Somalia, Djibouti, and Saudi Arabia.

“This has a wide impact, but it seems to be recovering,” Madory . said The register† “There aren’t many details about the outage, other than something happened on land in Egypt.”

“Whatever rupture happened, it was earthly in Egypt,” he added, which he said was good news. “If the fracture were in the water, it would be a matter of days before it could be repaired.”

Madory added that another cable, SEA-ME-WE 5, also appears to have been briefly affected. He said he found that interesting because it suggests that the two cables appear to share a common dependency, which is not the intention.

The network problems, which lasted for about four hours, extended beyond the Middle East and Asia.

General illustration of network equipment

It’s time to decentralize the internet again: what was distributed is now centralized


Merseyside Police in England said via Twitter The contact center’s Facebook account was unable to receive direct messages “due to a Google Cloud Services outage” and advised those wishing to report non-emergency crimes to do so through the police website or Twitter instead.

We also saw reports from LinkedIn with a shaky, and Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure experienced some down time. If an online service had intermittent issues today, the cable issue may have been the cause.

Google Cloud’s status page has identified an “incident related to Hybrid Connectivity, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Google Cloud Networking, Cloud NAT” and reports “Packet loss observed from Middle East Internet to Google”.

The affected locations were all over the map: Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.

A Google spokesperson said the issue has been resolved. “This issue has been resolved for all affected users shortly after 9:00 am Pacific this morning,” the Google spokesperson said in an email to The register

The Google Cloud status page posted an update at 0851 PDT. It states, “We believe that the Cloud NAT, Google Cloud Networking, Hybrid Connectivity, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) issue has been partially resolved. Packet loss should be mitigated, but some traffic continues to increase latency.”

OVHcloud posted a report of network backbone degradation that started on June 6 at 1224 UTC and ended at 1500 UTC.

“The backbone connections between Marseille and Singapore have [sic] solved now”, the report say. “The latency is optimal again.” The report attributes the cause of the failure to “Partner fiber cuts”.

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