FatBrain Acquires Prime Source, Accelerating AI Solution Delivery to Global Community of Growing Businesses

Prime Source Drives Digital Transformation Connecting Businesses Europe and Asia
leveraging cloud and AI to drive growth, optimize processes and unlock savings

NEW YORKJune 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — FatBrain AI (LZG International Inc.; OTC: LZGI), the leader in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions enabling global growth companies, has acquired Main sourcethe largest independent IT software developer in Kazakhstan and the fifth largest in Central Asiawhich has been delivering proven results to companies around the world since 2007.

FatBrain’s mission: to empower tomorrow’s businesses, their customers, suppliers and partners with actionable decision making.

Prime Source’s IT engineering scale combined with FatBrain’s peer intelligence AI and accessible subscription model empowers tens of millions of businesses in the Near East, Central and South Asia to join the data cloud and AI revolution.

“There are more than 213 million global growth companies, so-called SMEs, building the economy of the future today. This acquisition enables FatBrain to boost these companies with powerful AI and peer intelligence solutions that in the past only were available to some of the largest companies,” said Peter B. Ritzco-founder and CEO of FatBrain AI.

Prime Source helps its customers and their customers to optimize business processes through robot automation (BPO+RPA); digital transformation and silo data integration; risk differentiation and ratings; insight analyzes and forecasts. Prime Source, for example, quickly delivered a loan solution that helped its Uzbek client Tenge Bank accelerate its adoption to a US$56 million auto loan portfolio, which issues 100 loans per day with a processing time of less than 60 minutes per loan. Prime Source also provides strategic supply chain solutions and dynamic risk management and credit monitoring to thousands of companies and major financial institutions.

“We have created a team culture centered on data-driven transparency and results, enabling our customers to innovate quickly,” said Evgeny Chsherbinin, CEO of Prime Source. “Our expanded business reach maximizes our impact on tens of thousands of businesses and the largest economic stakeholders in the region connecting Europe and Asia† For example, Prime Source solutions for corruption risk management and financial crime control enable the thousands of companies to ensure a robust supply chain and compliant financial behavior, while at the same time helping the largest financial institutions, heavy industry and state-owned enterprises to improve their respective and general credit ratings. We are very excited to simplify such multi-level complexities at scale together with FatBrain, and look forward to joining forces to bring the AI ​​revolution to more customers and markets.”

“Our mission at FatBrain is to empower tomorrow’s businesses, their customers, suppliers and partners with actionable decision making to recover time, save money and increase profits,” said Dr. Rajarshi Das, co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at FatBrain. “FatBrain and Prime Source are united in supporting the global community of growth companies through this comprehensive business GTM.”

About FatBrain AI (LZG International, Inc.):

FatBrain AI (LZG International, Inc.; OTC: LZGI) is the industry’s first and leading provider of powerful and easy-to-use AI solutions to millions of tomorrow’s businesses powering most of the global economy, enabling them to grow and innovate faster and make money. to spare. FatBrain’s innovative solutions transform continuous learning, narrative reasoning, cloud, blockchain, and Web3 technologies into auditable, explainable, and easy-to-integrate products. FatBrain’s subscription model enables all companies to deploy their advanced AI solutions quickly and easily, securely on-premises behind their firewalls or via the cloud.

For more information, visit: https://www.fatbrain.ai

About PrimeSource:

Since 2007, Prime Source has been a powerful design center for software development, technology solutions, data management and strategic IT consulting. Prime Source’s in-house team of 450 IT engineers serves more than 2,000 customers in KazakhstanCIS region and the United States, including major banks, state-owned, and oil and gas companies. It provides companies of all sizes, from startups to multi-billion dollar companies, with the latest innovations in robotics and business process management, systems integration, data management, risk management, analytics and forecasting. Using internal R&D resources, Prime Source advances the markets for big data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. According to the March 31, 2022 Market research report IT providers by Kursiv ExaminationPrime Source tops the rankings for advanced IT solutions without support from state or foreign balance sheets and is the fifth largest overall in IT services revenue worldwide. Central Asia

For more information, visit: https://ps.kz/



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