Five Iron Golf Enters The World Of 3D AI Swing Analysis

The company’s partnership with SportsboxAI brings: 3D motion tracking and AI analysis to all 3 NYC locations

NEW YORKJune 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Five Iron GolfThe nation’s leading indoor golf and entertainment experience has partnered with Sports boxAi, the only technology in golf to provide comprehensive 3D motion data and analysis with a single camera. Sportsbox has exclusively invited a select group of golf instructors to implement the technology in their instruction. With Sportsbox 3DGolf, Five Iron Golf’s instructors have the ability to capture a single 2D video from a cell phone – without tags and sensors – and turn their students into a full 3D avatar that can be viewed from six different angles. Viewed. The advanced technology provides 3D biomechanical measurements in inches, degrees, linear and angular velocities.

Founded in Manhattan in 2017, Five Iron Golf has since expanded to a total of thirteen locations in eight cities from coast to coast, earning a reputation for turning traditional golf upside down and empowering communities through accessible and enjoyable golfing experiences.

“Providing accessibility for golfers in the city is at the heart of what Five Iron does, and this partnership with Sportsbox AI empowers our coaches to provide our clients with an even more personalized experience to improve their game,” said CEO and Co. . -Founder Jared Solomon

Five Iron Golf venues feature custom golf simulators, with multiple high-speed cameras to capture every angle of the golf swing, as well as offering premium equipment free of charge, custom club customization at The assembly lab — a Golf Digest Top 100 Clubfitter — widescreen TVs, leisure games, a full-service restaurant and bar, competitive games, private lessons, clinics and social events.

“Five Iron has quickly become a leader in providing state-of-the-art golf instruction and entertainment for golfers in the city,” said Jeehae Lee, CEO and co-founder of Sportsbox AI. “We are excited that they are adding Sportsbox 3DGolf to their offerings – starting at their NYC locations – to optimize classes and practice for their customers.”

Sportsbox is currently the only technology in golf to provide comprehensive 3D motion data and markerless analysis using a single camera – a first of its kind coaching application. 3D motion analysis provides coaches with real-time insight into the golf swing with quantifiable and actionable data that helps golfers improve more efficiently.

“This partnership drives Five Iron’s commitment to growing the game of golf by providing our guests with state-of-the-art technology and dedicated onsite golf professionals who provide quality, effective and holistic instruction, in an inclusive and inviting environment,” said Golf Director and Co-Founder Mike Doyle

Sportxbox 3DGolf analysis will be available at all three Five Iron Manhattan locations from July 1st, and will be rolled out in all other locations during 2022. Throughout the month of July, Five Iron Golf locations in NYC will offer a free 30-minute swing analysis, powered by Sportsbox, in addition to their current lesson options. Customers can book this service with selected golf instructors at

About Five Iron Golf

Five Iron Golf is an urban indoor golf experience that combines a unique blend of golf and entertainment with a community-oriented vision to make the game more inclusive and accessible. Founded in 2017, Five Iron Golf has since expanded from: New York up to 12 locations in total in eight cities from coast to coast, with a reputation for turning traditional golf on its head, celebrating the unconventional and stimulating communities through accessible and enjoyable golfing experiences.

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