Google makes Earth Engine available to all businesses and governments


Over the past decade, researchers in academia and the non-profit world have been accessing increasingly sophisticated information about the Earth’s surface through the Google Earth Engine. Now any commercial or government agency can access the new commercial version of Google Cloud’s computer program.

Google originally launched Earth Engine for scientists and NGOs in 2010. It is one of the world’s largest publicly available Earth observation catalogs, combining data from satellites and other sources that is streamed continuously to Earth Engine. The data is combined with vast geospatial cloud computing resources, enabling organizations to leverage the raw data for timely, accurate, high-resolution insights into the state of the world. That means they can watch the world’s forests, water resources, ecosystems and agriculture almost constantly — and how they’re all changing.

Google Cloud says it is now commercializing Earth Engine to cater to enterprise customers who: prioritizing sustainability† Businesses are under pressure – from regulators, investors and customers – to cut their carbon emissions. That’s why Google is rolling out new products that promise to help them meet their sustainability goals with more and better data.

“Over the years, businesses and governments have increasingly approached us to accelerate their sustainability transformations,” Rebecca Moore, director of Google Earth, told reporters Monday. “We help companies manage natural resources responsibly while building sustainable business practices.”

Last year, Google began offering a commercial version of Earth Engine to a limited number of companies. For example, SC Johnson has used the platform to learn about fluctuations in mosquito populations to guide the development of its pest control products. Using billions of individual weather data, combined with data on mosquito populations from the past six decades, the company developed a publicly available predictive model of when and where mosquito populations will emerge.

Google says Earth Engine will still be available for free for nonprofits, academic research, and educational uses.

Google Cloud is also unveiling a range of other tools for businesses working to improve their carbon footprint. It kicks off a new pilot program to help organizations gather the insights they need 24/7 carbon-free energyand it expands its . from carbon sense range of products.

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