Green Hell VR 1.0 Update Patch Notes

Green Hell VR 1.0 update is now live. You’ll find all the changes heading to the freshly launched Incuvo VR survival game in latest Green Hell VR update on this page.

Arrived shortly after the release of the game on June 9ththe Green Hell VR 1.0 update includes new features, tweaks and bug fixes. First, the patch rearranges the fire-spreading system for a more immersive experience. Green Hell VR 1.0 also introduces a full native Oculus VR launch option, eliminating the need to go through SteamVR.

Elsewhere, Green Hell VR 1.0 adjusts the tutorial to improve the fire tool introduction, adjusts hand position on various items and improves surface swimming.

The rest of the Green Hell VR 1.0 update addresses several bugs, including settings, items, dialog options, images and audio. View the full Green Hell VR 1.0 update patch notes below for a full rundown.

Green Hell VR 1.0 Update Patch Notes


  • Revamping the fire spreading system to make it more intuitive and immersive – now you can spread fire like the real survivors! Throw a burning bird’s nest to light the campfire, then light a torch by the campfire, and much, much more 🙂 Check out the gifs below for more details!
  • Added native Oculus VR launch option – so you don’t have to just use SteamVR anymore!


  • Tutorial Flow has been modified to better explain the fire tool
  • Adjustment of the display of diacritics
  • Hand positions on many items have been adjusted (e.g. palm/banana leaf)
  • Badly formatted text in the third article in the third dream series has been adjusted.
  • Swimming on the water surface has been adapted.
  • Hand placement has been adjusted while holding mud
  • Torch/Tinder is now extinguished when it hits the water

Green Hell VR 1.0 Update – Fixes

  • Players will no longer be able to fly if they place or pick up items under their feet (especially regarding the Fire Plow)
  • Players can now change settings again after returning to the main menu
  • After you disable the pause menu, you can no longer witness exploding ragdoll physics
  • Players can no longer take items from dreams
  • Players can now normally fill a bowl with a brew from another bowl
  • The character can’t talk on the walkie-talkie while throwing up.
  • The generator lever at the elevator no longer falls directly from your hands to be pulled endlessly.
  • Now the fuel in generators will be stored normally, so it will be full after loading the saved game.
  • Players can no longer climb near vertical walls
  • Skipping the tutorial during the campfire tutorial will no longer highlight a notepad tab
  • Players should no longer have a problem placing their Crafting Tables
  • Entering and exiting a pause while sleeping will no longer reveal the player’s body
  • During the walkie-talkie dialogue, the backpack can now be gripped normally
  • Players can no longer connect to the elevator system while sleeping
  • In the tutorial, players will no longer be able to communicate with the doors in the tent during dialogue
  • Players can no longer dive infinitely without scuba gear
  • When players release the grab button when the grappling hook is in the air, they can now pick it up again
  • The size of the collider of a manufactured item is adapted to the spirit of the item
  • The walkie-talkie dialogue options don’t disappear when you hold the notepad
  • Items will no longer get stuck in the Storage Box during pick-up
  • Animals killed by snares no longer float in the air
  • Players can now fill water bottle with water from a mud filter
  • Some items no longer behave strangely when picked up under other objects
  • The igniting glow will no longer be so intense
  • Rest areas should now have normal collisions
  • All trees will now sound correctly after being hit

Green Hell VR is out now for Steam VR and Oculus Quest 2. To learn more about today’s latest news, visit the official Steam listing here Green Hell VR update.

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