How Changed Image Made the Internet Think Seahawks Had Acquired Baker Mayfield?

It’s the middle of the NFL outdoor season, and that can only mean one thing: Every bit of information about NFL teams’ personnel movements is going to cause a stir. Even if that info is fake.

That was when an image of a Baker Mayfield Seahawks jersey, purportedly leaked and then immediately removed by Seattle, started doing the rounds around the internet. The image suggested Mayfield finally had a new team after he and the Browns struggled to find a team to take on his contract.

One problem: the image is fake.

As noted by Mike Florio from ProFootballTalk, someone changed the image of a Quandre Diggs jersey and put Mayfield’s name over it instead. If you look at the bottom of the image below, you’ll see that the internet impostor forgot to do the same thing about the thumbnail, leaving Diggs’ name on top of number 6:

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Of course, the fake image doesn’t rule out Mayfield going to the Seahawks, who probably wouldn’t mind having a more proven quarterback on the roster than Drew Lock after he traded Russell Wilson for the Broncos. Even if he ended up on the Seahawks, his jersey number probably wouldn’t have been given right away, even if no attacking player is currently wearing number 6.

But the former No. 1 overall pick has yet to find someone willing to take on the remainder of his contract in 2022, in which he will receive a base salary of approximately $18.5 million. The Browns — embroiled in yet another quarterback controversy involving Deshaun Watson — have reportedly offered to pay up to half of Mayfield’s contract just to get him off their books.

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The fake Mayfield Seahawks jersey likely caught fire because of a June 22 report by CBS Sports that suggested the Seahawks had “high-level interest” in Mayfield and were even open to expanding it. Mayfield was also rumored to be featured in a direct trade for Sam Darnold from the Panthersanother rumor that ultimately turned out to be untrue.

Anyway, it looks like Mayfield’s time in Cleveland is over. He was exempt from mandatory mini camp and it doesn’t look likely to return to the Browns, even as the NFL is aiming for a minimum one-year suspension for Watson, the team’s new No. 1 QB.

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