Inspiring young people in Europe to make the internet the place they want to be

Today we are launching a new campaign across Europe, designed in consultation with young people, to remind them of the tools they can use to control their experience and help them stay safe on Facebook and Instagram.

Collaborate with Loulou João

We started a collaboration with a young designer Loulou Joao to create a series of fun videos that bring six safety tools from Facebook and Instagram to life – in her original and unique style.

Loulou Joao is an Afro-Belgian 3D illustrator and animator. Using 3D software, she creates her own unique reality: a digital world made up of candy-covered squishy characters and objects. Within the campaign ads, we see these characters going on adventures that represent taking control of their safety and online experiences.

As for the concept behind this story, I was inspired by how I felt playing games as a tween. Mimicking this idea of ​​a magical medieval game where you have to complete missions to level up. But of course by looking through pastel colored cutecore glasses. I wanted to bring out a strong aphrodiasporic female lead and put her in a position of power. Each animation represents a resource, a tool that helps to overcome every obstacle in her path and gives her the power to make her safe place a reality.

– Loulou joao

We collaborated to creatively show how using safety tools such as Hidden Words, Message Controls and Take a Break can help create a fun and safe internet for young people. We also consulted with young adults across Europe to get feedback on the creatives as the campaign was developing. We were excited to hear how much they loved the visuals and that it got them thinking about different ways to have fun and safe experiences with Meta’s tools.

(Update on June 12, 2022 at 10:00 PT: added quote from Loulou.)

Launch My Kind Of Place on Facebook and Instagram

The campaign will be launched on Meta and security partner pages on Facebook and Instagram across Europe. As part of this, we’re also partnering with Creators to produce Reels that inspire young people to make the internet the place they want to be, while raising awareness of our security tools.

We regularly work closely with experts, creators and young people to inform our approach to safety and anticipate issues that could threaten the wellbeing of young people. Our mission is to empower people to share and make the world more open and connected, which we know isn’t possible if they don’t feel safe in our apps. That’s why we’ve made major investments in safety and security by launching new tools that can help young people have a positive experience with our apps today.

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