File photo of family eating dinner.

Internet Sides With Pregnant Stepmom Infuriating Her Kids Are Banned Over Dinner

A pregnant stepmother is enraged by a household dynamic that sees her and her partner eat with his child while her children dine alone.

The mother-to-be posted her frustration on Mumsnet, under username Leftie202, and revealed that she and her partner live together, while he has one. child from a previous relationship and she has three.

She explained, “My kids are with us Mon-Fri, are fri-mon, apart from holidays where we have them all together for at least half the week.”

Her children are 13, 10 and 8, he is 5. During the week her children eat around 5:30 or 6:00 pm, then she and her partner eat later, around 7:30 pm, when he gets back from work.

“We both work full time, so the evenings are the only time we really become like most parents, I guess,” she admitted.

File photo of family eating dinner.
File photo of family eating dinner. A pregnant stepmother has raged, only her children are barred from dinner.
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But on the weekends when her partner’s son came to visit, they all ate around 7:30pm

She said: “My partner wants my kids to be in bed by 7:30 am so we can have some time, that’s fine, I totally agree, but to weekends for my stepson it is different.

“He eats with us and doesn’t go up until 8.30-9am. He’s 5 if that makes a difference. My kids are a bit older, the youngest is 8 years old.

“I’ve brought it up with my partner that I think his son should eat before we eat separately as we do during the week, but he thinks I’m absolutely ridiculous.”

As she pondered, she added: “To add, in the holidays when we are all together, they all eat separately and go upstairs, we eat tea only us 2.

“So it’s just the weekends… but I don’t think it’s very fair to be honest. He has this rule for my children, but not for his own? Shouldn’t that be the same for all children?’

Since the post was shared on Friday, it has generated over 300 comments and can be read hereas people repeated her and thought it was unfair.

JellyBellyNelly replied, “Your partner can always have another partner, but your children will never have another mother. Get rid of the partner and start giving your children the respect they deserve as your children. Why put up with us?!”

HogDogKetchup furious: “Your man is being ridiculous. It should be a rule for ‘the kids’, actually he prefers the company of his own child and not yours. I think that’s fine, but it has to be two work in either direction.”

Lickenchugget admitted: “I wouldn’t accept this, he has golden child syndrome. From experience this won’t change, take your kids and run away. Then you can put your kids to bed whenever YOU want.”

Skelligsfeathers simply said, “The whole family should eat together.”

Oneborneverydecade noted, “I would re-evaluate my relationship if my DH wanted my kids out of the way every night, but especially if the rule was different for his kid. Time over? Losing time in the evening is sometimes frustrating, but it’s okay.” in parenting.”

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Littlebirdyouaresosweet pointed out, “He clearly tells you who’s priority here… Get out and make your DC yours…. Or you’ll regret it…”

While Herejustforthisone added, “He treats your kids differently and unfairly. And he berates you if you provoke him. Damn it.”

And SandyWedges said, “Eat with your own kids. It’s important for your kids.”

Eating with children is an important part of family life. The Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in the United Kingdom, where the family is believed to be based, emphasizes that eating at the table is beneficial.

It read: “When possible, try to sit in the same place for meals. This could be in a high chair or at a small table and chair. Sit with them so they have company, even if you are not eating either.

“Children enjoy structure and routine because it gives them a sense of security. Feeding schedules help a child develop regular appetite patterns and ensure that a child is well fed throughout the day.”

After the post exploded, the mom shared a few updates in the comments, and she ended by saying, “Okay so from Monday I’ll be eating with my kids, dp can have his when he comes in, and my kids not before 8 sent upstairs. If he doesn’t like it, I’ll have to deal with that when the time comes.”

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