Internet Trend Reveals Breakup Breakers

The latest meme format to take the internet by storm has people revealing what they consider to be red or green flags on potential romantic partners.

The trend involves people ranking their attraction to an imaginary love interest on a scale of one to 10, but there’s a catch that can skyrocket or reduce the initial rating. You may have encountered people starting their Tweets or TikToks with the following sentence: “She/he is a 10, but …” – the words that come after “but” are always the agreement breaker personality trait.

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The meme started on TikTok in May. On TikTok, the trend is usually for a group of friends to use the meme format as a game. After each turn, the players must adjust the imaginary partner’s final ranking on the attractiveness scale based on their agreement breaker property.

The TikTok below was posted by user @kyyahabdul and involved her and a friend who arranged figurative male partners.

“He’s a three, but your family loves him,” Kyyah (@kyyahabdul) said.

“O, [he’s an] eight,” replied her friend. “He has a 10, but doesn’t believe in tips.”

“I’d say he’s a six,” Kyyah replied.

Another TikTok example posted by user @kyliemillar show her that she is playing the game with her boyfriend.

“He’s an eight out of ten, but he has a picture of himself as his screensaver,” says Kylie’s (@kyliemillar) friend.

“Oh no, that’s damn brutal. Three out of ten,” Kylie replied. “She’s a nine out of ten, but she runs to the bus and misses it.”

“Six out of ten,” her friend replied.

Another hilarious TikTok posted by user @alescouch shows how she plays the game with her little sister, but only uses her sister’s personality traits as deal breakers for each scenario.

“He’s an eight, but he’s lactose intolerant,” said @alescouch.

“That’s a zero minus!” her sister replied.

“Not that she says -0 to things about her,” noted a TikToker.

Outside of TikTok, the trend also generates a lot viral tweets.

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