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Invafresh introduces new AI for supermarkets at New York retailer – Produce Blue Book

Using AI/ML, supermarket chains gain visibility and production control over their fresh produce operations, reducing the cost and waste of prepared fresh foods.

Toronto, Canada – Invafresh, the leading fresh grocery platform, is announcing improvements in its production planning capabilities, making it the most comprehensive and innovative solution available in the market today for grocery stores, whether in-store or commissaires, to guarantee the freshest products. experience for their customers.

Grocery stores face production planning challenges due to changing demand and labor shortages. Built on an innovative and intuitive mobile-centric user interface, Invafresh’s Fresh Retail Platform automates production planning for supermarket chains by providing real-time updates of production plans based on critical store data, such as inventory and demand, and enables retailers to accurately based on this information, predict the required labor needs to optimize the limited resources.

With Invafresh, supermarket chains can run multiple production cycles per day; create automatically generated pick lists that can be used by multiple employees at the same time for products made in the store or in a central kitchen or commissary; and be able to continuously improve the performance of their teams against established production metrics.

With a single solution that centralizes production planning, Invafresh provides supermarket chains with demand-driven replenishment capabilities from their commissaires, based on their real-time in-store inventory requirements. This allows supermarket chains to always keep the freshest stock, ensuring a positive shopping experience for their customers.

“Using our platform, supermarket chains can add a layer of intelligence and automation to their production planning, which is known to be complex to predict and scale, but also labor-intensive,” said Joe Smirlies, Senior Vice President, Product at Invafresh. † “We remove the complexity of in-store production planning and commissioners, as our Fresh Retail Platform is purpose-built for supermarkets.”

In-store employees and food production supervisors gain enhanced tablet and touchscreen capabilities to perform real-time inventory updates directly on a production plan from the shop floor, giving them access to critical data and real-time feedback from anywhere as they follow the plan. to carry out.

They can easily confirm whether a product has been checked on site before the assessment, ensuring confidence in the current inventory on which the production run recommendation is based. Any recommendations can be recalculated based on the revised inventory value so that production plans are always accurate.

“Invafresh has helped Price Chopper produce the right amounts of product to meet our customers’ demands while reducing our exposure to excess shrink. We are working on improvements with Invafresh that will increase our efforts to exceed our customers’ expectations for delivering fresh produce while reducing spoilage that ends up in landfill,” said Patrick Iannotti, Director of Retail Operations at Price Chopper. BB #:104206

With Invafresh, supermarket chains can easily scale production to achieve economies of scale, while maintaining quality control and traceability of production and better managing the workforce in their commissaries. By adopting a centralized approach to production planning, supermarket chains can manage margin costs through recipe costs and control over defined production processes.

And by centrally using prep lists and ingredient pick lists when working with recipes, supermarket chains can ensure that their limited workforce is used efficiently to provide the freshest experience for their customers.

Supermarkets know that with Invafresh they always have insight and control over all their fresh produce activities, both in the store and in the warehouse. Invafresh delivers the most efficient and effective production planning solution on the market, enabling supermarket chains to offer their customers a fresher experience, maximize store revenue and minimize food waste.

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For over 30 years, Invafresh has been the leader in empowering fresh food retailers to create exceptional store performance and a differentiated consumer experience. Invafresh is deployed in more than 25,000 supermarkets in a global reach of 15 countries, providing them with omnichannel demand forecasting, merchandising, sourcing and sustainability and compliance. Invafresh’s technology has contributed to $150 million a year in waste reduction and is used daily for $100 million in transactions.
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