Maintaining Safety, Taking Control: How AI Supports Seniors’ Lives – Partner Content

By: Deepak Gaddipati, Founder and CTO of VirtuSense Technologies

Deepak Gaddipati

[Partner content] Senior residential communities face a struggle to provide privacy and support to their residents, while also being vigilant and attentive to any potential health decline. The line between vigilant and invasive often depends on the person being monitored, and is then further constrained by resources and understaffing.

While communities strive to provide the best care for their residents, there are numerous policies and guidelines that divert staff attention from residents. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) is paving the way for safer senior life.

AI is all around us. Virtual assistants sit on our mobile phones and autonomous cars can ‘see’ the road and react. These tools are based on highly specific pattern recognition, which makes AI perfectly suited for long-term care monitoring, and these solutions are being developed to be more flexible for patients and residents at all levels of care. Previous monitoring solutions have focused on bed-bound residents, but as AI technology improves, so can monitoring for more independent residents.

VSAlert for seniors living uses AI to create proactive fall monitoring for more mobile senior residents, especially those in memory care units. The solution can be tailored to the surveillance needs of each resident with high and low risk modes that can be set on a custom schedule and updated as needed. Using the same high-precision AI and LIDAR sensors as VSTALert for Skilled Nursing, the system monitors residents’ rooms for traps when set up for low-risk monitoring and detects bed or chair exits to alert staff to a high risk guard trap. The technology is designed to give residents more freedom to live their routines privately, while also supporting healthcare staff with proactive alerts for high-risk residents. And because the system does not use cameras, residents retain a higher degree of privacy.

Healthcare teams can rely on AI monitoring to provide additional awareness of resident safety, without increasing rounding or staffing levels. The solution monitors residents’ rooms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to maintain consistent awareness between services and communicates directly with the on-site care team to resolve alerts. This reduces delays and allows even staff shortages to avoid falls in the moment, rather than reacting to a fall after it has happened. For example, VSAlert for Senior Living relieves the stress of night shifts by monitoring all residents for getting out of bed at midnight. Staff can help restless residents quickly and not disturb peaceful residents with spinning or loud fall alarms.

The unique strength behind AI is its autonomous nature. Once in action, the solution works steadily in the background, allowing residents to live uninhibitedly and staff to focus on care. Once AI is integrated into a team’s day-to-day processes, they can be confident that AI is vigilant, proactive, and detail-oriented, enabling staff to be flexible, creative, and compassionate.

AI technology helps long-term caregivers, helping them prevent falls and keep residents safe. Bee VirtuSense technologies, our mission is to accelerate access to healthcare. We were founded in 2013 by engineers who wanted to prove that you don’t have to wait for a fall or a heart attack to be cared for – predictive AI can make healthcare simple, affordable and accessible without compromising quality of care.

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