Mobile TV Group Announces New MTVG Edge Live Production Solution

Mobile TV Group (MTVG), the live broadcast technology company, today announced its MTVG Edge series, a new edge computing production solution. MTVG Edge delivers MTVG’s high-quality live production solutions for small and medium productions, anywhere, with a minimal on-site equipment footprint and much lower costs.

MTVG Edge embraces the benefits of edge computing, the distributed cloud computing architecture built to maximize speed, reliability and efficiency. Combining cloud and edge computing puts the necessary equipment on-premises for immediate data needs rather than sending them all the way to the cloud. MTVG Edge is hypermobile and can be shipped quickly across the country, while also providing access to MTVG’s flagship remote production solution, Cloud Control™.

“MTVG is committed to advancing and innovating live production technology,” said Nick Garvin, Chief Operating Officer, MTVG† “Edge strongly favors software over hardware and runs on general purpose computers. It also favors automation over traditional editing and is married to Cloud Control for creative processes. It’s really scalable.”

“MTVG Edge is diversifying our live production offerings to reach a wider community of storytellers,” he continued.

MTVG Edge is now the official broadcasting solution for Major League Pickleball (MLP) events. MLP’s live events are broadcast from across the country and can be seen live on YouTube every Tuesday.

How it works

MTVG Edge can be operated locally or remotely with one to four operators taking on the roles of technical director, replay, graphics, mixer and shader. This patented workflow significantly reduces costs. The only items needed on site are cameras and the 25″ by 25″ MTVG Edge system.

MTVG Edge will be offered to customers with great flexibility in terms of single-use, monthly and even annual contracts, including some self-service options.

New division headed by Don McKinney

With the creation of MTVG Edge, MTVG launched its second division to complement MTVG Flex, the mobile unit division. The MTVG Edge division is led by Don McKinney, who brings 24 years of live broadcast experience and innovative leadership in flypack technology to MTVG.

McKinney is a seven-time Emmy Award-winning director in four different categories and producer of more than 850 remote events and more than 500 studio productions per year. Most recently, McKinney held the position of senior director of production operations at the Pac-12 Network.

“It was a pleasure to add Don to the MTVG team,” said Garvin. “He started from day one and applied his knowledge and expertise to help us bring MTVG Edge to market. His experience in producing events remotely is invaluable, saving us and our customers time and money.”

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