This could be Valve’s wireless VR headset, Deckard

A recently published US patent application can give a good example of Valve wireless VR headset.

The rumor mill has been heating up lately with deep dives into Steam code, revealing intriguing details that seem to suggest a new head-mounted display system, possibly called Deckard, is in development. So far, most signs point to this being a standalone, wireless headset Similar to Meta’s Quest 2 — or at least a device that has the ability to be used without a PC connected.

Valve VR headset patent Deckard?

Much of the patent discusses the headband and how it allows for various adjustments for optimal comfort while still being securely fastened – and to prevent outside light from leaking in. The patent includes several drawings showing two dials on the back for adjusting the fit, allowing fine-tuning even in the middle of a game or other VR experience, without using both hands or removing the headset. .

The design shown in the patent may never be manufactured; however, it’s interesting to see what Valve has been working on and it’s likely that at least some aspects of this design will be used in a future product. The ear speakers are very similar to the current Valve Index and there is still a center strap that runs from front to back with Velcro straps for adjustment.

In addition to the center strap, the dials are described as a way to adjust both top and side tightness, so perhaps the added dial will make fine adjustments to the top strap faster and without having to unhook it before tightening . This can be crucial in the middle of a intense VR session if the headset slips, decreasing image sharpness.

Valve VR headset back of headband chooses patent Deckard?

While fit and comfort are very important aspects of any VR headset, the hardware specifications are the most interesting. Unfortunately, no details were provided on that. Past speculation suggests that Valve’s rumored Deckard headset could have many of the same features as Meta’s Quest 2, while still retaining the ability to connect to a PC to run higher quality games and more demanding apps.

Of Meta’s Cambria and Apple’s first VR headset expected set to arrive in 2022, it looks like Valve could also be competing with Deckard, making this the biggest year ever for virtual reality hardware.

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