Vivaldi adds an email client and calendar to your browser

Vivaldi just got released an update introducing some useful features built into the browser itself.

As of today’s patch, the browser features a full-featured email client, as well as a calendar and feed reader. Should Vivaldi’s Competition Be Worried?

Vivaldi Mail 1.0 with calendar and feed reader.

Vivaldi is a smaller browser that many users may not have heard of. As the market is still dominated by Google Chrome, Firefox, Sideand Safari, some statistics counters don’t even register Vivaldi and just merge it with other similar ones browsers† Today’s update, however, just might be the push Vivaldi needed to get a little more interest from the internet.

Instead of using separate email clients such as: Microsoft Outlook or resort to using Gmail and Google Calendar, Vivaldi users can now access all of these functionalities from within the browser. The feature, called Vivaldi Mail 1.0, aims to do more than just be a built-in email client – which makes sense. After all, both Gmail and Outlook can be accessed through the browser, and access is as easy as clicking a bookmark. That’s why Vivaldi seems keen to stand out a bit by making your emails easier to manage.

Perhaps the nicest feature of Vivaldi Mail is the fact that you can combine all your email services into one, be it a Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo account. Vivaldi indexes all your emails, meaning you can go back to them when you’re offline, and this includes even emails you haven’t been able to open yet. Vivaldi teases that it will automatically detect your mailing lists and mail threads, as well as giving you the ability to search everything easily.

Vivaldi also tackles a problem many of us have, which is having too many email folders, resulting in a general sense of disorganization. The browser automatically sorts your email into different views and folders. Each email can be posted in multiple views at once, so if multiple categories apply to one message, you’ll find them in the appropriate folders.

Vivaldi browser with a built-in email client.

Users can switch between different views and turn them on or off, so if you want to hide all junk mail, you can. All views are visible by default, so you’ll probably want to go into the settings and disable a few when you first set it up. The browser also offers configurable shortcuts that make it easier to compose a new email, reply to existing emails, and more.

Vivaldi’s calendar tool looks similar to other calendars, but you can choose to use a local calendar or an online calendar. It can also be sorted into different views, so you can choose how much information you want to see per event. The built-in RSS feed also offers a range of customization options that should help you filter out the spam and keep the interesting news.

Today’s update certainly brings some interesting features, but will it be enough to really get Vivaldi on the board? That may be, but Google and Microsoft can rest assured – their numbers are far too high for a smaller player like Vivaldi to catch up quickly. Either way, this could be an interesting option for users who desire a more streamlined experience across many services.

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