Wedding reception seating

Wedding Planner’s Hack For Cheap Seats Chart Is Impressing The Internet

A wedding planner’s hack saves brides a lot of money on their seats with a TikTok video that is raving the internet.

Nicole Paxinos Stratton is the host of pensTV for the Pittsburgh Penguins, and she’s also a “certified wedding planner,” according to her social media accounts. Nicole was recently married to Tyler Stratton on June 11 this year, and she has shared several aspects of her wedding with her followers, including a seating plan hack that people are taking note of.

Under her TikTok handle @thenicolestratton, she shared the seat card used for her own wedding. She wrote under the 40 second post: “Brides: Trust me and don’t spend a crazy amount on a seating arrangement, people are going to look at it once and then move on to the next one, I promise.”

She also used a number of hashtags: “#bridesoftiktok #weddingtiktok #2022bride #weddingplanning #seatingchart #weddingdiy #weddinghack #weddingseatingchart #bridetobe #bridetok #junebride.”

The clip has garnered more than 219,900 views and 14,900 likes since it was shared on May 30. It started with a glimpse of Nicole’s seating schedule for her wedding, titled “Find Your Seat” with the names of the bride and groom at the top. There were several tables separated and labeled – 17 of them, and under each was a series of names.

Weddings can be an extremely expensive undertaking, so it makes sense that people are looking for a way to save money and cut costs on their special day. According to The knot The Real Weddings Study, which surveyed 15,000 couples in the United States, found the average cost of a wedding in 2021 was $28,000. If you include the engagement ring, that cost rises to $34,000. But the amount is the same as in 2019, while the cost of a wedding in 2020 during the pandemic was $19,000.

Despite the cost, more weddings are expected to take place in 2022 than since 1984, with approximately 2.5 million weddings planned based on Wedding Report data.

In addition, some people had postponed their wedding and about 20 percent of weddings in 2021 were moved to 2022. Overall, 15 percent of couples said they also cut their budget by up to 28 percent.

Wedding reception seating
A wedding planner’s hack for a cheap seat card has stunned the internet. Here, sitting at a wedding reception.

“So here’s a wedding card hack for you,” the TikToker explained. “I looked at foam boards and all those different things.”

She panned the camera to a white Studio Décor poster frame measuring 24 by 36 inches.

“But we ended up getting this white frame from Michael,” she explained, holding the frame in one hand as it sat on the couch, “For something like that, I don’t know, $14 or $15. She also clarified his size, turning the camera back to the seat map on the counter.

“And then we went to Staples, and we had our seat card printed for literally, I think it was about $5 or something,” she said. “And I’m going to tuck that in here,” she added, zooming back to the frame.

“And that’ll be just a simple, easy DIY sitting card for literally under $20,” she explained.

At the end of the clip, the TikToker showed the finished product with the table card in the white frame as it was placed in front of a fireplace.

“And here’s the finished product,” she concluded.

In a response, the newlywed revealed that she designed the seating plan on Canva, but revealed that there are “a lot of templates” like this one on Etsy.

More than 100 comments poured in about the viral seat map hack, and many people thought it was a great idea for a great price.

“Thanks for the tip!” said a TikToker. “I’m going to do this for my wedding!”

Another viewer admitted that they were “trying to find a way to fix my seating plan!” They added their thanks, to which the creator replied, “Happy to share all my tips and tricks!”

Other approving comments included “Looks great,” “What a great idea,” and “So pretty.”

People thanked the TikToker for its efforts. “Omg thanks!” said one viewer. “My wedding is in July and I needed cheap ideas.”

Other people have done similar things too. “I’ve done this too,” said a TikToker. “So much cheaper, and then you can use the frame afterwards. Less waste!”

One user got real, admitting that they kept looking for “ideas on how to do this too, but were afraid to spend a lot of money!”

While another viewer wondered if the seating arrangement would be put on an easel, to which the creator revealed: “Yes! I think one of our easels or just sitting on one of our tables with a wall behind it that we can lean the frame on.” .”

news week reached out to Nicole Paxinos Stratton for comment.

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