Man with tool belt holding drill

DIY Cooler Hack Divides the Internet

A TikTok video went viral after a user posted a cool “Backyard hack you need this summerThe three-minute clip, which has been viewed 16.7 million times, shows blake.kinsman drilling holes in a cool box to eventually create a battery-operated portable air conditioner, perfect for sitting in the garden or on the patio. lounging beach.

A TikToker said of the invention: “Not really practical, but I appreciate the creativity.”

The video shows Blake drilling three large holes in the lid of the cooler and four in the sides. He then adds a sheet of conductive metal mesh inside and attaches a fan to the top that blows downwards into the cooler. Two pipes sticking out of the top act as vents and once filled with ice it’s good to go.

A quick online search reveals that a portable air conditioner can cost up to $700, but the materials used in the homemade cooler cost significantly less. Plastic ducts cost about $12, while a small fan costs about $20 and mesh costs about $10 for three sheets.

The video ends with Blake positioning the cooler in front of two sunbathing, bikini-clad women, who look very happy with the invention. Nevertheless, user comments were mixed.

User Marissa Nystrom commented “I just lost 3 minutes of my life 😂” to which Nichole replied with an H “Same “.

According to an article about Hootsuitethe optimal TikTok video length is seven to 15 seconds, despite the 10-minute limit.

User brenton barreira commented “I think someone invented air conditioning” to which Robert Pearson121 replied “So many negative comments…why? This was genius! That’s wrong with today’s world…too much hate! Just appreciate something for once, damn it!”

This prompted Catered4Me to reply, “Because people in this app are adhd like f***. If it’s not a 10-second video, they can quickly copy, whine and complain.”

However, many people praised the invention and found pleasure in the do it yourself aspect of the movie. User jcaa353 commented “Also MUCH CHEAPER than running a portable air conditioner haters stop hating and be lazy again, great idea.”

“Absolutely genius brother. We made one and took it to our fishing camp. Works perfectly,” said user 9014344929281. “Thanks man, we appreciate you sharing this.”

Rodger Close said, “I’m going to make one tomorrow, I’ll show you the results.”

Blake.kinsman has previously posted videos of him making floating cornhole tables and a floating beer pong table.

Man with tool belt holding drill
A handyman is holding a drill in this stock image. A viral TikTok post has inspired some users to get started on their own.
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