New Zealand Army chooses BISim’s VBS4 simulation software for tactical command and control training

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June 29, 2022 – Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim), a wholly owned subsidiary of BAE Systems, Inc. and supplier of immersive training and simulation software products and components for military applications, recently announced that the New Zealand Army has chosen the company’s VBS4 simulation software for tactical command and control training.

VBS4 provides a comprehensive virtual desktop training environment with global display for tactical training, experimentation and mission rehearsal. The software acts as a simulation host for any image generator, supporting a wide range of individual, team and collective activities down to the battlegroup level.

In addition to desktop configurations, VBS4 has “off-the-shelf” integration with virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) headsets, including the Varjo XR-3, and other commercial turnkey/military turnkey turn-key (COTS/MOTS) hardware (such as controllers for armored fighting vehicles).

BISim stated that the solution will provide the New Zealand military with common simulation software that can be reused in a wide variety of training systems and varying levels of physical reliability, ultimately helping to reduce the total cost of ownership for the company.

According to BISim, the New Zealand military is the latest to join a growing list of military customers around the world using the VBS4 solution, including more than 60 NATO and NATO-friendly countries, and more than 300 integrators/ main contractors. The company added that the New Zealand military has also long used Terratools, BISim’s virtual terrain generation software, which has been used to build a number of detailed tactical maps of the military’s training areas.

“BISim has proudly served the New Zealand Defense Force (NZDF) for over 15 years and looks forward to continuing to provide software, support, product training and development services through its local subsidiary Bohemia Interactive Australia (BIA),” said Ryan Stephenson, Managing Director of Bohemia Interactive Australia.

To learn more about Bohemia Interactive Solutions and its immersive training environments, visit the company’s website: website

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