SideQuest Quest 2

SideQuest moved to Quest 2 for smoother sideloading

SideQuest’s new in-headset app for Quest 2 and Quest streamlines the installation of custom home environments and popular community-created VR ports of classics such as the original Doom, Quake and Half-Life games.

The new app even makes it easier to find experimental App Lab projects that are also on SideQuest. You still need a PC to install SideQuest on a Quest headset and sign up as a developer to access that, but the SideQuest app now walks Quest owners directly through that process.

SideQuest has been available as a PC and Mac app for nearly as long as the first Quest headset, allowing users to connect their Quest to a computer and sideload content that is not officially approved for the Quest Store. SideQuest is taking it a step further today by launching a new app that installs the platform directly on Quest 2 and gives users an easier way to browse content and install it completely into the headset.

SideQuest Quest 2

Previously it was possible to Android mobile version of SideQuest on a Quest headset for similar results. However, the interface was not designed for VR and it didn’t always work. With this new version designed specifically for VR, SideQuest can be used in the headset with much less friction.

A computer is still required for the initial setup via USB and to install the core files for classic PC games, such as the doom.wad file for the original Doom game from 1993. Once the SideQuest app is installed on Quest, it can be launched from the Unknown Sources tab and is used to browse and download content such as QuestZDoom directly to the headset’s internal storage without using the SideQuest PC app.

There is also a section in the app for custom home environments. Users can browse, download, and swap out a selection of community-created home environments for the default Meta options. SideQuest is also launching new tutorials and presets for creating custom homes, which should streamline the process of creating and exporting custom environments.

SideQuest can even run multitasking in Quest 2 if you set it aside. In the screenshot below, I have it running alongside the official Oculus Store after using it to install the Star Trek: The Next Generation bridge as my custom home.

custom home star trek sidequest

The new app is now available next to the original version because it doesn’t have all the features yet. We are curious if the custom houses work with Meta’s Horizon Home, which makes it possible Quest to invite others to watch the same things in VR together

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