Alibaba Cloud Launches Carbon Management Tool for Enterprise Clients

Alibaba Cloud, the backbone of digital technology and intelligence Alibaba Group announced the global launch of Energy Expert, a SaaS sustainability platform that enables customers worldwide to measure, analyze and manage the carbon emissions of their operations and products.

The SaaS provides actionable insights and energy saving recommendations for companies looking to improve their sustainability credentials.

The initiative follows on from Alibaba’s own carbon neutrality pledge, which was unveiled last year. Alibaba has pledged to be carbon neutral in its own operations by 2030, as well as neutralize scope 3 emissions by the same year — a category that includes downstream emissions. Alibaba has pledged to share its energy-efficient technologies with its customers and business partners for the common good. This presents well, although the scope classifications of carbon accounting means that if Alibaba has any chance of hitting its own target, it should help its customers hit theirs.

“Energy Expert is designed to help companies achieve their carbon neutrality goals through advanced technologies and streamlined solutions,” said Chen Lijuan, General Manager, Product and Solutions at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. “We hope our proven innovation can help our global customers achieve their net-zero goals through insightful actions and informed sustainability practices.”

Energy Expert helps customers automate the corporate and product-level carbon accounting and reporting process and obtain real-time sustainability impact metrics so they can make informed decisions. It enables customers to identify the sources of CO2 emissions from their day-to-day business activities, as well as the entire life cycle of their products, based on the PAS 2060 and ISO 14064 carbon neutrality standards.

Customers can also quantify their carbon footprint through a pre-built computational model that leverages public emission factor datasets and Energy Expert’s proprietary datasets. In addition, it provides insight into real-time carbon emission patterns and the progress of customers’ sustainability performance through visualization dashboards.

The solution also provides energy efficiency analytics and emissions forecasting through deep learning-based AI models hosted on Alibaba Cloud and actionable optimization plans with recommendations that balance business growth and environmental impact. Recommendations may include increasing the use of clean energy, reducing excessive electricity consumption during peak hours and optimizing the supply chain.

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