G-Core Labs Launches Standalone Solution to Protect Against SYN Flood DDoS Attacks

Luxembourg – June 29e2022 – G-Core Labs, an international provider of cloud and edge solutions, has announced the launch of a new stand-alone solution (eBPF) to help protect against SYN Flood DDoS attacks. The XDP-based solution was developed in collaboration with Intel and eliminates the need for a dedicated DDoS security server role.

A SYN Flood is a type of DDoS (Denial of Service) attack designed to make an online network or system inaccessible by causing a flow of TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) services to the server. This type of attack sends short bursts of SYN messages to the ports, leaving connections open and available. This can exhaust server resources and cause users to be blocked from accessing or using the network.

To better protect its customers against such attacks, G-Core Labs has partnered with Intel to develop a standalone solution based on 3rd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors. This new type of solution eliminates the need for a dedicated DDoS security server and distributes volumetric attacks evenly across CDN servers, reducing the performance requirements for each individual CDN node.

“Our long-standing partnership with Intel in developing the solution bodes well for the future,” said Andrew Faber, head of cybersecurity at G-Core Labs. “First, it’s the flexibility of development for the customer and faster technical support. Second, it’s the ability to further test and upgrade a solution on the latest Intel processors available to us at the earliest possible stage , to provide the best protection to the customers.”

G-Core has tried this method of protection both in test labs and together with its customer, the online gaming giant wargaming† To combat DDoS attacks, Wargaming adds a signature to every UDP packet from the end user to the game server. G-Core Labs helped Wargaming “offload” such checks from their network by running this countermeasure on its servers so that only “clean” traffic reaches customers. If an attack comes, all traffic with invalid signatures will be dropped on G-Core Labs’ servers and only validated traffic will reach the secure server.

Such testing of the XDP-based solutions against SYN Flood attacks has proven successful for G-Core and its customers, in shared scenarios where the DDoS security suite is run on every CDN node. This is a perfect fit for G-Core’s long-term goals, and the continued partnership with Intel means customer development flexibility and faster technical support. This case also sets an encouraging precedent for further joint testing that will ensure the G-Core solution can always provide the best protection for its customers.

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