In Santa Rosa’s Internet Improvement Plan, Garcon Point is the first step

Officials are working to improve Internet access in Santa Rosa County, especially in rural areas, and it appears that the Garcon Point Region will be first on the roll.

Kyle Holleythe province’s outreach and community outreach for grants and special projects, is leading efforts to improve broadband in Santa Rosa County† He told the News Journal that he plans to spend the next four weeks gathering information from service providers with the aim of applying for partnerships to improve Internet services in designated project areas.

‘Who’s in the best shape to do it? Who wants to do it? Who wants to take the opportunity to put some money into that partnership request,” said Holley. “What I’m going to ask on behalf of the county is, ‘What private company is willing to help pay in the Garcon Point area?’”

Mediacom engineer Brian Eubank is gearing up to begin upgrading the internet and cable provider's infrastructure in the East Milton area on Wednesday, June 29, 2022.

Although the plans are still in the early stages, residents in the Garcon Point area told the News Journal that any expanded broadband infrastructure would be welcome.

“There is a lot of growth here. And many people will want to work from home, or their children will need internet support. So it’s something that I think will be welcome. It will really happen,” said Sarah Abbott, a resident of Garcon Point, who moved to the county in November 2021.

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