File photo of tattooed arm.

Internet shudders when mother-in-law tattoos grandson’s name, then it’s changed

A new mother is unsure what to do after her mother-in-law has her son’s name tattooed on her arm, but they changed it.

She explained that they’d had a baby boy two weeks ago and found a name, then came up with it — but not before her husband’s mother put it on her arm permanently.

The mom turned to the internet for advice, posting the dilemma on Mumsnet under username Dilterry, saying, “We just had a baby, 2 weeks ago, MIL immediately tattooed the baby boy’s name on her arm.

“However, we’ve since changed our mind about the name… What a nightmare!

“We didn’t ask heror knew she did, of course it’s very sweet of her to do it, so that’s not the problem, it’s more that we don’t want to call him that now.

“I feel awful! How on earth are we going to handle this? I’m really trying to convince myself to keep the name, but it doesn’t make sense…”

The message, which can be read herehas gathered more than 200 comments, as people have shared suggestions on how to tackle the problem.

In the comments, she clarified that her mother-in-law has tattoos of all the names of her children and grandchildren.

“It’s not huge, but it’s right by her wrist, and has its own area, there’s no doubt it’s there!” she admitted.

Britneyisfree wrote: “Oh my! I am in absolute hysteria. she is going to be FUMING† Good luck.”

ScamOrNoScam commented, “Can you use that as the middle name so she can just add the “new” first name to the front?”

Twizbe thought, “Oh yay. Maybe she should have waited for your baby to be registered… Um… can you live with that name or does it just really not work?”

MermaidEyes commented, “She’s stupid for doing it so soon. She could have waited. He’s your son, so if you prefer another name, go for it.”

Gamerchick commented, “Meh just use it as a middle name if you bother. She could just add another one. Personally, I wouldn’t worry about someone’s tattoo.”

Littlebirdyouaresosweet suggested, “Or suggest mil get a pet and use the name?!”

Spanielsare painlessly quipped, “Tell her. Then she can have ‘Gary, formerly known as Wayne’ added.”

It’s not huge, but it’s close to her wrist.”


While SirenSays added, “I would send her a card with the new name and a laser removal voucher.”

And in the comments, without revealing what the original name was, the parent claimed, “The name definitely doesn’t work, especially since my dd pointed out that it sounds like a certain body part that isn’t ideal.”

While it may seem like relegating to a middle name might be the smartest option, she added, “Even if a middle name isn’t really an option, but we’d keep it for her I guess, just not as a first name.”

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File photo of tattooed arm.
A file photo of a tattooed arm. A parent has shared the chilling story of their mother-in-law tattooing their son’s name, which they then changed.
Ivana Arico/Getty Images

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