Kopin Receives $2 Million Development Contract with US Defense Contractor for In-Vehicle Display Display System

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June 30, 2022 – Kopin Corporationa supplier of high-resolution microdisplays and subsystems for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) for use in defense, corporate and consumer applications, recently announced that it has been awarded a contract to develop a new in-vehicle display system for a US defense contractor.

Kopin stated that this is the second vehicle protection development program it has been awarded and it reflects the company’s recent efforts to enter the market. Kopin is already present in US defense applications, in part thanks to its design and manufacturing expertise in precision display solutions for soldier-facing weapon sights, aiming systems and pilot helmets for fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

The new system integrates Kopin’s high-brightness, high-resolution, low-power ferroelectric liquid crystal on silicon (FLCOS) microdisplay and custom optics into a heavy-duty custom housing to enable operational use in extremely harsh environments.

“We are pleased with this new order, which continues our focused efforts to expand our penetration into new defense market segments, in this case the very large auto market,” said Bill Maffucci, Kopin’s Vice President of Government Programs. “We believe in our ability to offer microdisplay solutions featuring one of our industry-leading silicon-based microdisplay technologies (LCD, FLCOS, OLED and MicroLED), plus our advanced custom optics, electronics and 35 years of experience in designing and building of high-precision systems that perform reliably in the very harsh environments in which our soldiers operate, make Kopin the preferred supplier of display imaging systems, especially for challenging environments.”

Maffucci also noted that after a development and qualification process, the company expects the program to transition into production and generate revenue for several years.

To learn more about Kopin and its display and optical technologies for use in military and defense hardware, visit the company’s website: website

Image Credit: Kopin Corporation

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