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NHS relies on digitizing pathology services with cloud computing

Two NHS trusts in England will partner with technology partner Sectra to deploy digital pathology services using cloud infrastructure

NHS confidence in East Suffolk and North Essex will transform pathology services via cloud computing for better patient and healthcare services, after partnering with medical imaging technology provider Sectra.

“Digital pathology has also facilitated the introduction of digital processes into the lab, reducing the need for manual transcription and improving patient safety”

This digital transformation enables hospitals and trusts to work better together, moving from microscopes and slides to analyzing high-resolution digital images that can be accessed from anywhere.

Sectra’s digital pathology solution will further support healthcare professionals in delivering timely diagnoses to patients.

Help with working from home and better access for patients

Multidisciplinary teams can view images without delay and trusts will be able to collect pathology resources more effectivelywhile work flexibility for staff is improved by working from home – which for many people is better for work-life balance.

Digital pathology services are also expected to support specialized pathways, such as cancer pathways. It will support approximately 1.5 million studies per year and will also pave the way for the introduction of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence into the diagnostic process.

Sarah Rollo, pathology project manager at West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The recent pandemic has highlighted the importance of being able to open slides remotely and the ability to provide flexibility and resilience in our service. consultants have the ability to report routine and urgent work from homeshortly after it is released from the laboratory.

“Consultants will be able to collaborate on cases from remote locations with simultaneous access to view and annotate patient slides. As a general district hospital, some of our patients are referred to specialized hospitals.

“Improved data exchange with these specialized centers will improve turnaround time in the patient journey. Digital pathology has also facilitated the introduction of digital processes into the laboratory, reducing the need for manual transcription and improving patient safety

Cancer pathway support and AI diagnosis

These trusts are the first in the UK to deploy a digital pathology solution using Microsoft Azure cloud computing, with a fully managed service delivered by Sectra, minimizing IT and infrastructure burdens on the trusts.

This allows the trusts to make better use of archive storage facilities available in the cloud, enabling the management of large amounts of data related to digital pathology at a sustainable cost.

dr. Yinka Fashedemi, clinical leader for cellular pathology at East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust, added: “This new technology allows our staff to analyze and share samples remotely, which in turn enables us to provide the service that we offer by ensuring that our patients receive their test results as soon as possible.

“It will also make it easier to work with colleagues in specialty hospitals to get second opinions so patients can quickly begin any treatment they need. We’re excited to be one of the first trusts in the country to do this.” digital pathology system, which will further support our employees to deliver the best possible service.”

The contract includes the digital pathology module of the enterprise imaging subscription service Sectra One Cloud, where Sectra will be responsible for all hardware, software and other IT components in the trusts.

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