Partnership aims to detect diseases with poor outcomes earlier

Sonrai Analyticsa Belfast-based innovator in artificial intelligence (AI) data discovery, and California-based IV BioHoldings (IVBH), a precision health liquid biopsy company, has announced a strategic partnership to accelerate the early detection of diseases with poor clinical outcomes.

The partnership brings Sonrai’s cloud AI technology for discovering, developing and validating high-value biomarkers to IVBH’s commercial portfolio: LiquidLung, HepGene and Mammogen. The collaboration aims to streamline the ability to identify, validate and produce novel biomarkers for the effective early detection and subsequent useful treatment of patients with progressive disease.

IVBH is a clinical-stage bioplatform company that invents, creates and scales first-generation precision health solutions that improve the detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease. They have made commendable progress in multiple disease and cancer areas and have chosen to partner with Sonrai to help drive their ambitious clinical pipelines.

The collaboration includes Sonrai’s development of novel algorithms applied to specific disease areas to reinforce and validate signatures that support IVBH’s expertise and clinical pipeline. It will enable the creation of eight best-in-class diagnostics for patients. IVBH aims to radically transform the diagnostic sector, with the first readout of clinical data for the genTRU breast cancer detection program this summer. This will be closely followed by the Lung Cancer and NAFLD programs, with plans to reach a commercial launch phase for all three programs by the end of 2023 and with a view to expanding the IVBH offering in the future.

dr. Darragh McArt, Founder and CEO of Sonrai, said: “We are excited to partner with IVBH because our key goals in driving discovery and transforming healthcare are aligned. Not only were these goals perfectly aligned with the experience of the Sonrai team, but also the deliberate design of Sonrai’s decentralized and highly flexible AI platform, making this partnership a natural fit.”

Marty Keizer, Founder and CEO of IVBH, adds: “Digital analytics in precision medicine today requires many facets to discover and validate markers that optimally define patient groups to get the right treatment. As a data-driven, technology-led organization, it is critical that we maximize our use of advanced analytical science and exponential technologies, such as those developed by Sonrai’s team of world-class data scientists and engineers.”

IVBH senior vice president and CCO Elizabeth Cormier-May commented: “The partnership with Sonrai unlocks tremendous clinical and commercial value on the IVBH platform. Now that our tests are ready to positively impact the lives of millions of people worldwide, Sonrai’s engine is helping us unlock early disease detection in three of the largest clinical markets.”

The partnership announcement comes after Sonrai raised £2,175 million in Seed Plus funding to accelerate adoption of its technology.

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