Photographer uses DALL-E 2 AI to automatically edit images better than Photoshop

AI has invaded the art scene on a large scale lately. Companies like Nvidia have been working on AI tools to art from simple squiggles (opens in new tab)while robot AI artists create unique and interesting paintings. (opens in new tab) Lately, the internet is buzzing with images created by the DALL-E 2 art bot that can create images with just a few words. They are often a good mix of impressive and utterly cursed, just like this one AI Generated Duke Nukems (opens in new tab)

While they are great for generating new mematic content on a regular basis, these AI art bots are at heart, tools and one photographer (spotted by PetaPixel) has found a good use for the software. Instead of creating an entire image from a description in DALL-E 2, they used it to clean up a captured photo and the results look more impressive than Photoshop’s.

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