This $44 dupe of the internet’s most popular frying pans is the only cookware you’ll ever need

Photo credit: QVC

Photo credit: QVC

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Ready for a hot take? Unless you’re cooking a multi-course meal or lots of side dishes the normal way, you really don’t have a huge pan set eating up precious real estate in your cupboards. You should really buy one instead, For real good bowl. In recent years, a handful of companies have released their viral versions of an all-in-one pan.And I have tested (and generally liked) most of them. However, I recently received Cooking Light’s My Favorite Pan Cast Aluminum Pan and it’s officially game over.

I admit that when I first heard about QVC‘s dupe for those buzzier, more expensive pans, I was really skeptical. Dupes may be a great way to save money – which I always aim for – but the quality can be hit and miss. But after using this pan for a few weeks, I completely changed my tone. This, my friends, is the… nothing but pan you should have. At 4.25 liters, it’s significantly larger (and deeper!) than my other multi-purpose pans, making it great for sautéing cubed tofu, making a creamy cacio e pepe, or cooking shrimp in a pan. buttery garlic sauce. (It even comes with a deep steamer basket that’s perfect for veggies.)

Looking to expand your recipe repertoire beyond just sauces and steaming? The non-stick die-cast aluminum interior heats quickly and evenly, making it perfect for searing salmon or preparing quesadillas. In fact, the non-stick coating on the inside is my favorite thing about the pan. Unlike the other all-in-one pans I’ve tried – which are non-sticky at first but lose their shine after a few washes – Cooking Light’s pan has actually didn’t stick. Leftover ingredients slide off easily and I still have to scrape off stubborn food particles. (And since this pan and lid combo is dishwasher-friendly, I don’t even have to.) Don’t believe me? Only look how pristine mine is!

Photo credit: Kelsey Mulvey

Photo credit: Kelsey Mulvey

Combined with its five colorways, soft grip handle and glass lid that really lets you to see the food you cook, Cooking Light pan is the only pan I want to use. And if you’re not already sold on this dupe, I have to say it’s a steal. While most of the buzzing multi-function pans cost upwards of $100, The Cooking Light iteration costs just $44† Affordable and awesome?! Trust me, you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy this pan sooner…

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