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Apple and Siri. Amazon and Alexa. Microsoft and Cortana. Aquiline Drones and Spartacus. Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly popular in all sectors. According to a latest report from Grand View Research, an international Fortune 500 consultancy that helps companies understand the global and regional business environment. (Artificial Intelligence Market Size Analysis Report, 2021-2028 (

Earlier today, Connecticut based Aquiline Drones Corporation (AD) has announced the acquisition of ElluminAI Labs, LLC to support further development of its AI framework called Spartacus. This is AD’s second strategic acquisition in the company’s pre-IPO plan. Last month, AD completed the purchase of 50% of Netherlands-based AerialTronics, a renowned drone manufacturer, for $9.0 million USD from Paris-based Drone Volt (ALDRV). This was primarily intended to strengthen AD’s internal R&D capabilities. Drone Volt is a listed French drone manufacturer and leader in AI technology with which AD has a strong equity-based partnership.

This AI acquisition enables AD to deliver superior deep learning AI frameworks across the entire drone technology ecosystem, including drone pilot training, drone manufacturing, commercial drone operations, and global-scale cloud solutions.

AD’s Spartacus AI is modular, with different sets of services and skills. It can teach specialized skills on a case-by-case basis, while providing broad integration opportunities in different environments. The AI ​​will deliver key capabilities across AD’s continuum of drone and cloud-based services, including:

  • A cognitive assistant for the online ground training. The Spartacus deep learning assistant is integrated into all Flight-to-the-Future programs ( where it will answer questions and intervene with precise suggestions based on how students interact with the course curriculum. Flight to the future is AD’s nationally acclaimed and comprehensive drone pilot training program currently attended by police officers, firefighters and other first responders across the country.
  • Spartacus includes a ‘Natural Language Processing’ (NLP) engine that enables speech recognition and voice commands and acts as an AI assistant in AD’s drone technology ecosystem.
  • Spartacus is equipped with Machine Vision (MV) abilities to analyze drone data in real time. The data analysis is highly specialized per use case and the Spartacus AI can master any application. For example, AD is currently partnering with a prominent commercial orchard to release specialized AI packages for data analysis, including applications ranging from fruit counting, fruit analysis, etc. Other AI applications include deciphering thermal images from firefighting drones – a specialized AI application currently taught through AD’s Flight to the Future program with immediate real-world applications afterward!
  • Spartacus plays a vital role in AD’s leading robotics solutions for inspection, public safety and future UAV delivery services. For example, it will be part of AD’s Command and Control (AD C2) framework, optimizing flight planning and execution. It is also used for dynamic scheduling and flight handling of fully autonomous solutions.
  • Most importantly, the Deep Learning framework behind Spartacus enables Big Data analytics. As more experience is gained, Spartacus has the potential to master multiple areas of knowledge and discern hidden patterns within the aggregated data. This has significant implications for future machine operations and positions the AD Cloud as an industrial transformer for commercial drone operations.

“It is a real pleasure and an exciting time to join Aquiline Drones; one of the most innovative and advanced companies on the planet,” said Dr. Scott Martin, co-founder of ElluminAI Labs and professor at George Mason University. “Participating in AD to jointly build the next-gen AI solutions to advance the global drone, aerospace and training markets is transformative indeed, and we can’t wait to help launch tomorrow’s pioneering AI-driven societies. .”

“Our acquisition of ElluminAI will deliver a powerful system that delivers a modular, deep cognitive framework capable of flight optimization, training assistance and data analytics for the most advanced commercial drone business processes to materially improve a company’s profitability. This is not only groundbreaking technology, but also groundbreaking technology!” said Barry Alexander, founder and president of Aquiline Drones. “In addition, the superior and scientific architecture that ElluminAI brings forward is what will monitor and manage the AD ecosystem more accurately, proficiently and successfully.”

Alexander notes that a key difference between Spartacus and other digital agents is its advanced architecture, based on artificial neural networks, which offer the potential to become smarter and more efficient over time, especially with increasing amounts of data.

“Unlike traditional machine learning, Spartacus’ deep learning doesn’t reach a point of diminishing returns as data becomes more complex,” added Alexander. “Spartacus even gets smarter with experience, as individual skills are created for different use cases and circumstances. This is exactly what it takes to handle real-world conditions.”

Spartacus is a complete AI framework. Although it initially focused on drone data analysis, drone operations, flight management and the like, it has broader applications than drones.

As a powerful AI framework that can be easily integrated into different environments, Spartacus can seamlessly and simultaneously move through work and home activities; especially when traveling. Such activities include managing home security, energy consumption, vehicle maintenance, personal schedules and other connected devices, while providing options for expected activities based on ‘habit recognition’.

Likewise, Spartacus can be enhanced for various Internet of Things (IoT) settings, such as plant management, logistics, construction site monitoring, precision farming, facility management, and maintenance consultant – just to name a few. Each role requires building the right set of skills beforehand. With both drones and IoT devices growing in popularity in such environments, Spartacus is bringing capabilities to the table that simply cannot be ignored.

Alexander highlights Spartacus’ role in handling UAV traffic over the National Airspace System (NAS) through AD’s Command and Control (C2) capability on the AD Cloud. Here, Spartacus collects data from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other official sources, combines it with weather and additional external information to provide critical, real-time alerts and advice to operational planners and drone pilots before and during the mission.

This full lifecycle support includes a comprehensive set of features that optimize flight safety and provide capabilities beyond standard UAV requirements. The result is the delivery of real-time data insights from AD Cloud-connected drones to AD C2, giving business owners, UAV operators and operational planners greater control over their operations.

In fact, Forbes recently mentioned AD in its coverage of AI:
What’s next for this comprehensive cognitive digital agent? Alexander shared that Spartacus will be used as the primary interface for AD’s innovative, drone-on-demand service, which will allow customers to reserve drone services later this year through a mobile app installed on smartphones and other wearable devices. Special features of the new technology include Interactive Voice Command (IVC).

“From intuitive instructor and mission guide to personal assistant and business coach, Spartacus is the perfect amalgamation of both AD and ElluminAI Labs, providing maximum versatility, reliability, innovation and security for all UAV solutions,” concludes Alexander. “We are now poised to usher in paradigm-shifting and disruptive technology by providing a full lifecycle approach to all missions in the drone industry that can help businesses and individuals around the world.”

About Aquiline Drones

Aquiline Drones (AD) is an American drone manufacturer and cloud solutions company based in the financial district of Hartford, Connecticut. Founded by highly experienced aviators, systems engineers, IT gurus and business strategists, AD delivers a vertically integrated mix of products and services. AD’s ecosystem includes a hybrid aviation cloud with edge capabilities for commercial drones, US-based drone manufacturing, “maintenance-repair-overhaul” services, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) solutions for large enterprises and governments.

Complimenting the company’s technology is its superior line of Spartacus AI drone products, a robust UAS training academy, and the nation’s first “drone-on-demand” service, which allows customers to order drone services via its own mobile phone. app. AD’s full spectrum of technology solutions are broadly applicable across industries and environments for superior, real-time data processing, modeling and insight. Visit For more information.

About ElluminAI Labs LLC
ElluminAI Labs is a high-tech artificial intelligence software company that provides a cloud-based framework that enables AI-driven complex data analysis, autonomous training, and personalized performance assessment for any enterprise, government and defense LMS. For more information, visit

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