Grumpy cat

Cat that quietly ‘judges’ instead of biting, enjoys the internet

A grumpy cat that “judges” people instead of biting and scratching them has let internet users down.

The sour face felinenamed White, went viral on social media after Poland-based Redditor Durtop shared a photo of his grandfather’s cat sitting at their table with a very moody look on his face.

The animal delighted other users with its po-faced expression and was even compared to internet sensation grumpy catwho has spawned numerous popular memes throughout her life.

Share a picture of the cat to redditthe user said: “This is my grandfather’s cat. It doesn’t bite, scratch or hiss, he judges.”

grumpy cat
Grumpy looking cat. A grumpy cat that “judges” people instead of biting and scratching them has let internet users down.
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The post received 23,400 votes and over 200 comments, from users, with one comment: “The next grumpy cat, it’s grampy cat everyone!”, while another wrote, “Awww, I love the little grumbler.”

“I’d rather he just get mad and scratch, the disappointment is so much worse,” one user wrote.

Another teased: “Today’s youth with their electronic stuff… in my day we used to meow each other in person.”

“Looks like I’m about to hear a story about how he had to walk 15 miles to school,” one user joked.

A fourth commented, “He looks like someone lied about having dinner ready just to get him to leave his room and help set the table.”

After concerned users thought the cat might be in pain due to a medical condition, the user explained that the animal was just “old and grumpy” and had recently visited the vet only to find that he was perfectly healthy.

Cats are the second most popular animal in the United States, with approximately 45.3 million households having one as a pet. By 2021, about 70 percent of all households in the United States had a pet, about 25 percent more than in 1988.

In 2020, the estimated cat population in Europe was measured at approximately 110.15 million. Romania ranked highest for cat ownership among the countries in the European Unionwhile Poland came in fifth, with 33 percent of households owning at least one cat.

Originally named Tardar Sauce, Grumpy Cat became an internet sensation after her photo was first posted on reddit on September 22, 2012. When her owner shared the animal’s first video on YouTube, it was viewed more than 1.5 million times in its first 36 hours. She became one of the most memed animals in Internet history.

The famous cat, who died in 2019, was valued at at least $1 million, though her owner Tabatha Bundesen has kept the exact amount a secret.

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