Happy 15th Birthday, iPhone! Here is a brief history of the device

It’s been 15 years since Apple released its flagship: the iPhone† A decade and a half later, few products have achieved a comparable level of brand recognition.

Announced to an enthusiastic audience in 2007, the iPhone has revolutionized the way we communicate and even how we live day-to-day.

Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone on January 9, 2007.

The big screen revolution

The iPhone was released in June 2007 in the United States and in another six countries in November.

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From the launch of Mac computers in the 1970s to the iPod in 2001, Apple already knew how to appeal to his audience – and how to encourage extraordinary hype when launch a product

Early Reviews for iPhone were almost universally glowing, applauding Apple’s attention to detail and style. The only issue noted was network connectivity – and this was a slow speed issue on carrier networks, rather than the device itself.

Consumer appreciation for the iPhone’s style was no surprise. It was indicative of an emerging trend towards smartphones with large-format screens (but still reflecting the shape of a phone). The Nokia N95 was another example that hit the market in the same year.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Asim18