How to trade in your old Amazon devices and get discounts on new gear

Amazon regularly gives discounts on its already affordable devices, both during Prime Day and throughout the year. That makes it easy to upgrade any current Kindle e-reader, Fire tablet or streaming stick, Echo speaker, or Ring cameras you own with next-generation technology. But another way to save (even more) money is to trade in your old Amazon devices to get a bigger cut of the price of your new tech. Here’s How!

How to trade in your old Amazon devices

A trade-in ad from Amazon:

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1. Go to the Amazon trade-in hub (opens in new tab)

2. Click on one of the eligible categories: Kindle E-ReadersTabletsStreaming media playersBluetooth speakers and headphonesHome Security DevicesWireless RoutersPhonesor Gaming

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3. Check if you have one suitable device linked to your Amazon account.

4. If none is displayed, Search for your device by name and see if it is listed.

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5. Click on the box next to your eligible device and select Get on

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6. Fill in information on the device status for a estimate trade-in value† Also decide in advance whether you want to return the item to you if Amazon determines it is not in sufficient condition for the full trade-in value.

(Image credit: Android Central)

7. Either trade in more items or submit your trade-in

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