Man’s Loud DJ Set With His NYC Cat Is Splitting The Internet: ‘BIG NO’

From prancing “like a dressage horse” until “Oscar-winningIt’s clear that cats are natural showmen. A Bengal has gained a number of new fans – both online and on stage – after working with his owner for a DJ set in New York. Not everyone is convinced, however. taking your furry friend to a gig is the best idea.

To post on TikTok on June 29, user @thatche shared a video of himself and his “little jaguar” performing in front of a crowd, with the cat draped over his shoulders.

Subtitled “the world’s first cat/human DJ duo”, the post has received nearly 60,000 likes and more than 600 comments since it was posted two days ago.

Despite being shared 5,000 times, TikTok users were divided on whether the set was cute or catastrophic, with many concerned about the impact of the loud noise on the Bengal’s ears.

as well as their famous eyesightCats also have excellent hearing. Their ears are sensitive and can move towards sounds in different directions. A 2021 study published in the journal PLOS One found that cats track their owner’s whereabouts using audio cues, specifically their owner’s voice.

For the study, animal behaviorists used two speakers that played recordings of the pet owner’s voices. One speaker was kept out of sight of the animal, meaning their owner’s voice “teleported,” at least from the cat’s perspective. A group of non-animal behavioral specialists was engaged to assess each cat’s responses to the transmission of sound. They rated the animals’ surprise level on a scale of 0-4, based on ear and head movements.

Despite a reputation for being aloof, the cats were surprised to hear their owner’s voice “transporting,” demonstrating socio-spatial awareness. Researchers believe this ability may have evolved to help cats sense others of their species, as well as serve as a useful tool for hunting in the wild.

Unfortunately, it seems like a cat’s delicate ears aren’t an evolutionary advantage when it comes to DJ sets.

“That cat doesn’t want to be there,” commented ._.

“Bruuuuh come on bengals have super sensitive ears, you have to design headphones for protection or a /:” Wyatt wrote.

“IT’S A BIG NO FROM ME,” Clairebra said.

While Chris Hau called the clip a bad “marketing move” for the DJ.

Still, some commentators supported the pair and their achievements.

“My kind of DJ,” Lola said.

“I wish my Bengal was that cold,” wrote user2565254961617.

“Bengals will TELL you if they don’t like something,” Mia commented. “The cat is fine!!!!!”

news week has reached out to @thatche for comment.

DJ set for men with cat divides the internet
A stock photo of a startled Bengal cat with ears raised. The man was dragged along by TikTok users for failing to consider his cat’s sensitive ears before bringing him to the show.
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