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Private Internet Access now has 50 servers in 50 US states

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As lawmakers catch up with cybercrime, Private Internet Access is helping Americans take matters into their own hands with our Campaign 50 servers in 50 states† We now offer physical or virtual locations in all 50 US states.

Our servers in the United States are a convenient way to find the best deals, access online services, and protect your privacy from the uncertainties of state and federal laws.

Set up your own cybersecurity shield with PIA whenever and wherever you want in the US.

What is the 50 servers in 50 states campaign?

Everyone in the US should have the right to privacy, both online and offline, regardless of their state. Unfortunately, the laws protecting your right to privacy in the real world don’t extend all the way to the digital one.

The United States lacks a nationwide approach to online privacy. Federal and state regulations around data privacy and security are ambiguous, and they continue to fall short in addressing real challenges. Until we get broad, consistent legislation protecting our personal information in the digital world, we must do what we individually can to defend ourselves.

Not all services are available in the US† Many sporting events are subject to power outages and certain companies do not operate across state lines. And if you’re not careful, websites can use your personal information to charge you more for certain goods.

PIA’s 50 Servers in 50 States campaign aims to bring greater convenience and online privacy to citizens in the US† Our goal is to provide at least one connection in every state in the US, either through a physical server or virtual location. We even included a separate server in DC, for a total of 51.

you can now get an IP address in any state in the US, no matter where you are

Why You May Need an IP Address for a Specific US State

Accessing an IP address in every US state can save you the annoyance of missing the big game, provide account access everywhere, and avoid paying more for a hotel room, among other things.

Use case 1Note: Some bank accounts and credit unions require you to be physically in your home state to grant access to your account. For example, you may not be able to access your bank account if the bank does not have a branch in your current location. Having an IP address in your home state ensures: you can access your bank account while traveling anywhere in the US.

Use case 2: Major sporting events, including NFL, MLB, and NBA games, are unavailable in certain states due to syndication rights. You may even have trouble streaming without buffering if your ISP uses activity-based throttling. A VPN unlocks nationwide sporting events† Keep in mind that you still need a subscription to paid services to watch sporting events.

Use case 3: Viewing local news in other states can be difficult, as most sites show you news stories that are relevant to your current location. If you try to watch out-of-state news programsyou may need an IP address for your preferred status.

Use case 4: If you are planning a vacation in another state and want to look up the opening times of smaller local restaurants and shops or get the best hotel prices before you get thereit is useful to have an IP address for that state.

Use case 5: US citizens have until midnight Pacific time to file taxes. If you live in a state within the Pacific time zone but are currently out of the city, having an IP address for your home state will get you that three hours extra to archive

One way to access all of your favorite sites and services no matter where you are in the US is to use PIA to get an IP address that matches their location. PIA now offers IP addresses for every state so you can stay on top of the latest news, access critical accounts, and keep your devices secure over public networks such as Wi-Fi hotspots.

How to set up private internet access on your device

To get an IP address from your state, or from another, just download and install PIA VPN on your device† We offer dedicated apps for macOS, iOS, Windows, Android and Linux, as well as compatibility with smart TVs, routers and game consoles.

After installing the app on your device, you can: connect to one of our blazing fast servers in any US state

How PIA VPN protects your privacy

Visually illustrating how a standard vs VPN connection works.
Private Internet Access provides data protection during transit.

When you connect to one of our servers, your IP address is completely masked and your traffic is encrypted† Even though your ISP can see that you’re using a VPN, they can’t see what you’re doing online. That means you don’t have to worry about activity-based restriction

Unlike a standard internet connection, PIA uses 256-bit AES to encrypt your traffic as it travels from your device to the target server and back. This is military grade encryption, the same level of protection that the US government uses to protect sensitive data

With private internet access you can: choose your tunneling protocol according to your needs† Extra secure OpenVPN is perfect for accessing sensitive accounts or websites you’re not sure about, while WireGuard®’s high speed is better suited for activities like streaming and gaming.

We have plenty of other features, including: an advanced Kill Switch, split tunneling and an all-in-one ad, malware and tracker blocker Best of all, PIA now offers users in the US the same level of convenience and access by providing IP addresses from all 50 states.

Don’t lose your right to digital privacy

Until the federal government can provide cohesive legislation that protects your digital privacy, PIA is here to help. And if recent legislation is any indication, geoblocks will be enforced even more severely in the future. We now offer IP addresses in every state in the US, so you can protect your personal information and access your favorite services, doesn’t matter where you are.

We have long been proponents of more digital privacy in the US. And while our service offers strong protection for your online data, we can never replace your individual vote† It is important to assert your right to online privacy at a national level. Stay on top of the law, hold companies and government agencies accountable and speak out against the data privacy breach

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