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ASHLAND Court records show that a convicted sex offender was arrested for soliciting a minor over the internet by the same officer who arrested him in December 2021 for doing the same.

Nathaniel Johnson, 29, of Ashland, was arrested June 21 after an internet attack staged by a task force officer working under the Kentucky Attorney’s General Office.

Nathaniel Johnson, suspected incitement


According to an indictment, Johnson was arrested in December 2021 after asking to meet with a 15-year-old girl over the internet for sexual acts. Fortunately, the 15-year-old girl he spoke to was actually a law enforcement officer.

Leaving his preschool children home alone, Johnson traveled from his home in Shelbyville to meet the “girl” and was arrested by the Shelby County’s Sheriff’s Office.

Johnson told officers he planned to drive the “girl” back to his home to sexually assault her.

On June 2, 2022, Johnson pleaded guilty to using an electronic communications system to arrest a minor for a sexual offense and was sentenced to three years in prison, on probation.

On June 7, less than a week after taking his plea, the investigating officer in the December case again found Johnson, who had moved to Ashland, records show.

After sending photos of his face to the “14-year-old girl” he thought he was talking to, the officer was able to identify Johnson based on the previous investigation, records show.

Johnson even told the officer that he “got in trouble for this very thing…texting a minor,” the complaint said, and that “I’m on probation now.”

The AG’s Office was subpoenaed and is tracking Johnson to an address on Greentree Court, the records show.

On June 10, just eight days after pleading guilty, Johnson was visited by a Boyd County parole officer.

During the visit, the probation officer told Johnson that if he had devices that could access the Internet, he would need to have special programming in place to monitor his usage, data shows.

Johnson said he didn’t have a computer and would opt for a non-smartphone cell phone.

Five days after the visit, Johnson was at it again, sending sexually explicit messages to the police officer posing as a girl, records show.

On June 21, just 19 days after pleading guilty, Johnson was arrested by authorities on a federal charge.

He is being held at the Boyd County Detention Center without bail.

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