Steve Jobs’ Legacy Lives On With U.S. Citizenship Honors Highest

Steve Jobs will soon receive the highest civilian honor in the US, the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The announcement was made today by President Biden and the award will be presented posthumously on July 7, 2022, to the co-founder of Apple, Inc., along with 16 other individuals who have made exemplary contributions to the United States.

The Medal of Freedom has no specific criteria, and any US president can bestow this honor on anyone deemed worthy. President Biden explained: his choices as Americans demonstrating the power of possibility, a common theme in his speeches on the nation’s potential.

Steve Jobs at an orange iBook Macworld Expo in Tokyo, Japan on February 16, 2000.
Kurita KAKU/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Steve Jobs brought us the iPhone, the revolutionary device that changed the meaning of a telephone and introduced a new way of working and communicating. Apple is a major contributor to the US economy, generating more than 2.7 million jobs and investing hundreds of billions of dollars domestically. Funding will be spent on iPhone, iPad and Mac Research and Development and network infrastructure, green energy, Apple TV+ productionsand other capital expenditures.

Along with Steve Jobs, President Biden selected several other well-known and inspiring Americans to receive the Medal of Freedom, including Simone Biles, winner of 43 Olympic and World Cup medals; former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords; former Senator John McCain (posthumously); former Senator Alan Simpson; Olympic Gold Medalist and Women’s World Champion Megan Rapinoe; and the biggest celebrity on the list, Denzel Washington, acclaimed actor and director who has received two Academy Awards, a Tony and two Golden Globes.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom is represented by a star-shaped emblem that can be worn as a badge, lapel pin, or around the neck. It is delivered without special privileges or awards and is simply intended to recognize and honor individual contributions to the security and national interests of the United States, as well as efforts that promote cultural development and world peace.

While Steve Jobs Didn’t Push Apple to such great success on his own, Apple would never have reached this level of excellence without his guidance and drive. The Medal of Freedom seems a fitting honor for a visionary business leader.

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