McDonald’s proposal goes wrong, internet confused

A well-intentioned McDonald’s proposal spirals out of control after a customer’s romantic takeout order is delivered to the wrong house.

The recipient, who not only discovered that he didn’t get the meal he ordered from Macca’s?took to Reddit to report that he also found a note in his delivery that read, “Will you marry me Kim?”

“So I ordered McDonald’s through DoorDash and found this in the bag,” the Canada-based Redditor wrote with a photo of the delivery.

“Not only did the DoorDash driver misunderstand my order, but I think he messed up some poor guy’s plans…”

McDonald's delivery with marriage proposal note

A McDonald’s customer who made a proposal through a delivery may need to think about other ways to ask the question after their order ends up at the wrong house. Source: Reddit/Xagreuss

McJokes on the menu

The post, shared by user Xagreuss, has gone viral with more than 41,000 upvotes and about 1,800 comments largely highlighting the entire accident.

“Do you want me McMarryen?” a Redditor joked.

“McJa,” came an answer, followed by another. “I love you.”

The thread went on to joke about having a McBaby named McLovin and getting a McDivorce, leading one to reply, “I’ll get the McHouse”, while another joked, “You can keep the McKids”.

Other Reddit users noted that the delivery of a Macca probably wasn’t the best way to make a proposal.

“This was God giving them a second chance to propose in a decent place,” noted one Redditor.

“Actually, I think he saved that guy who’s going to propose with McDonald’s meals. I mean really?’ asked another.

Dashers not to blame

Meanwhile, DoorDash drivers also chimed in, claiming their job is to deliver what was handed to them and not look in the bags that are taped shut when they receive them.

“DoorDash driver here! We don’t take your orders and we don’t look in the bag (it’s taped when we get it). That’s 100% at McDonald’s. You can get a partial refund pretty easily with a few quick messages to DoorDash -support regarding that order. Hope that helps!” one explained.

“The dasher didn’t get your order wrong, McDonald’s did…all a dasher does is drive up to him and give them a code and then McDonald’s gives them a sealed bag,” wrote another.

However, the original poster assumed the DoorDash driver was carrying multiple orders and just mixed them up. He also claimed that he had asked McDonald’s to fix the error “but they refused, saying it was on DoorDash to correct it”.

Surprisingly, this isn’t Macca’s first proposal to go wrong recently. Last month, a man’s romantic gesture went up in flames when he… decided to propose at a busy McDonald’s in South Africa and was brutally rejected by his girlfriend.

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