Video Game Development: Canadian University Introduces a New Major to the Region

A new major in the region taught by a Canadian university

“There is no longer a tendency to tie games to specific devices, but rather to be available to everyone via mobile phones or computers,” El-Sheikh said. “The transmission of this idea, its application, providing a good user experience and the localization of this industry with related technology and tools in Egypt requires people who have that experience and tools.”

Before the University of Prince Edward Island in Cairo introduced its video game development program, students could only study this subject after graduation through advanced training at companies working in this field.

The campus data analysis is also important, El-Sheikh said. “Its importance lies in the fact that it complements all things technology and supports smart applications in various aspects of life, such as turning lights off automatically and within certain lighting limits, even in video games and the characters in them. and the dialogues that set within them. This can be useful in educational applications or in psychotherapy.”

A different learning experience

Neveen El-Sayed, assistant professor of computer science and mathematics, said the program’s teaching “is designed to prepare the student for the job market, not for graduation, which requires constant updating of curricula.”

In a statement to Al-Fanar Media, she said the program aimed “to provide students with a better learning experience to apply technology and enter the video game industry.”

The program established links with the industry, El-Sayed said, “so that we learn from companies the specific challenges of the field, and we work with the students to solve them. We try to give students a realistic picture of the industry and the challenges they face in the labor market.”

The school tries to prepare students so that they can “turn the requests of a particular company into goals in their programs and choose the right images, as well as the scenario of the story in the game.”

Students work to implement their projects through the program’s Meta Studio Lab, El-Sayed said. The lab “opens channels of communication between students and companies,” she said. “We have a team of professors and specialists who professionally guide students in the implementation process. Students from different academic years are also integrated to exchange experiences and improve learning and practical skills.”

The bond between students and industry has positively impacted the way students think, El-Sayed said. Partner companies gave students problems to work on, and the students “implemented what they learned, after we gave them the latest technology and tools in the world.”

She also noted that students “understand the theories and more. A student can one day become a researcher or make a game, which got the students all excited. So we have different kinds of students and they think differently.”

Graduation projects closer to reality

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