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Hello all! I’m Andreas Firnigl, CEO and Founder of Nosebleed Interactive. We’ve been developing our retro arcade/part sim management game, Arcade Paradise, for the past three years and I’m super excited (and relieved!) to reveal that the game will be launching on PS4 and PS5 on August 11th – You Can Play Now wishlist on PS5 as well.

Arcade Paradise launches August 11 on PS4 & PS5

Insert Coin

Arcade Paradise is a 90s themed arcade management simulator where every game is fully playable.

You play as Ashley, a 19-year-old high school dropout. At the behest of your father, wonderfully played by the award-winning Doug Cockle, (you may know him as Geralt from The Witcher series) you manage the day-to-day tasks of running the King Wash family laundromat. It starts to get interesting when you discover that those dusty old arcade machines in the back room have more business potential than the actual laundromat. Ka-ching! Ashley’s imagination runs wild and you embark on a journey that takes you from a boring, dead-end job to an arcade empire as you experience what it would be like to run your own arcade.

There are over 35 fully playable arcade games to unlock in the game, all built from the ground up, and each game has its own gameplay, stories, missions, and high scores to set. From a development point of view, this presented us with quite a few challenges! (we’ll save that for another blog discussion, tho).

Wash, make a profit, rinse, repeat

I’m also excited to give you a first look at our new release date trailer, The Grind, which shows the core gameplay loop. Revealing how managing profits, cutting through (very video game-esque) seemingly mundane (but actually oddly enjoyable) chores, allows players to build and expand their own arcade empire. Unblocking the toilet, peeling gum from floors, doing laundry and cleaning up litter are all mini-games that allow you to reinvest the winnings back into the arcade. In Arcade Paradise you have to combine laundry management and arcade management, and you have to play the games to maximize their profitability. It’s safe to say the road to Arcade Paradise won’t be easy, but we think it will be super fun.

Relive the gaming nostalgia of the 90s

If you grew up in the 90s like me, you probably know and appreciate how popular arcades were. As a teenager I was obsessed with video games, skateboarding and music. We’ve taken inspiration from classic arcade games from the past 3 decades – the game takes you through the 8, 16 and 32-bit eras, taking inspiration all the way back to the original PlayStation era – but we’ve also tried to add a modern version. so each game feels authentic, but in reality they are much more modern. For us, Arcade Paradise is a celebration of the greatest gaming era ever, in fact the game is so nostalgic you can almost feel the sticky arcade carpet.

Block Rockin’ Beats

As with video games, we are also big fans of music and in particular music from the 90’s. It was a great era for music, not least because of the creativity and the range of great genres. Arcade Paradise’s soundtrack is inspired by some of the best music of that decade and offers thumping hi-energy accompaniment through the in-game jukebox.

Arcade Paradise is the biggest game we’ve ever created as a studio, and we can’t wait to get you started on your journey from rags to arcade riches when it launches on PS4 and PS5 on August 11.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you soon at Arcade Paradise.

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