AT&T Plans for Fiber-Powered Internet Access in Amarillo, Texas

City of Amarillo plans to provide fiber-powered broadband access to more than 22,000 locations via AT&T

Plan Calls for AT&T Fiber at Up to 5 Gigs to Help Close Digital Divide in Texas City Panhandle

The City of Amarillo today announced a $24 million project with AT&T* to extend its state-of-the-art fiber network to more than 22,000 customer locations across the city. The project proposes to provide access to AT&T Fiber to homes, businesses and government agencies in the city center. The project is subject to funding approval from the City of Amarillo and a final contract between AT&T and the city.

“The City of Amarillo’s broadband access plan represents one of the most significant technological infrastructure improvements in city history,” said Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson. “Amarillo is leading the way in ensuring that all of its residents have access to the World Wide Web and its myriad uses – from education to workforce development to healthcare and more. With a long tradition of excellence in communications, AT&T is the perfect company for this historic project that will benefit the entire Amarillo community and serve as a template for other cities and communities to follow how they interact with their residents in the digital world. connect era.

AT&T has been building communications networks in Texas for more than 140 years and is currently the nation’s largest fiber-optic Internet service provider.1 By 2021, AT&T made fiber available in more than 300,000 new locations in Texas.

“We appreciate the city’s leadership and foresight in choosing AT&T Fiber, which will provide a fast and reliable Internet solution for today and tomorrow. This is an important milestone for the City of Amarillo and the State of Texas to show how public-private partnerships can help close the digital divide,” said Fred Maldonado, Regional Vice President, AT&T Texas. “We have a long history of connecting businesses and residents of Amarillo, and we look forward to working with the City of Amarillo to plan to bring high-speed Internet to those who need it most.”

Extensive planning and engineering work begins immediately after the contract is executed. AT&T Fiber is the fastest among the major carriers, offering symmetric speeds of up to 5-Gigs on downloads and uploads.2 With faster speeds and greater bandwidth, customers can connect multiple devices, stream multiple entertainment sources, quickly upload content to social media and experience ultra-low latency for professional-level gaming – all at the same time.

Residents and businesses can learn more about AT&T Fiber at: and can sign up to be notified when the service will be available at their address at:† AT&T will also keep the community informed about the project.

Affordable Internet services are available to low-income households as part of AT&T’s commitment to the digital divideAccess from AT&T offers low-cost broadband options, including free internet for eligible households combined with federal benefits from the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).3 After you get your Eligibility for ACS, call us at 866-986-0963 to discuss your options and ordering service. Please have your National Verifier application ID ready when you call.

About AT&T in Texas

AT&T customers andFirstNet® subscribers in Texas received a major boost in wireless connectivity and fiber access last year. In 2021, AT&T completed nearly 1,000 wireless network upgrades in Texas, including nearly 200 new macro sites. AT&T also made fiber available in more than 300,000 new locations in Texas by 2021. These network improvements will improve state broadband coverage and provide residents, businesses and first responders with faster, more reliable service.

From 2018 to 2020, we expanded coverage and improved connectivity in more communities by more than $7.7 billion in our wireless and wired networks in Texas. This investment increases reliability, coverage, speed and overall performance for residents and their businesses.

And in Amarillo, we expanded coverage and improved connectivity by investing more than $60 million in our wireless and fixed networks from 2018-2020.

Becoming the best broadband provider

We’re on a mission to be America’s best broadband provider, whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go. We do this by combining the most reliable 5G network4 with the nation’s fastest growing fiber optic internet5, so you have a seamless experience from a single provider. Becoming the best connectivity provider also means serving the critical mission of America’s first responders. FirstNet®, built with AT&T, is the only purpose-built nationwide wireless broadband communications platform for the public safety community.

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