First hyper-realistic metaverse allows users to buy their digital homes

There is no denying that the world is moving towards the metaverse, a term used to describe interconnected virtual realities where users simultaneously live a version of their digital life alongside their real life. Here, the world is invited into a space where they can work, learn, play, socialize and participate in other activities that they would do in the real world with a ‘digital twin’. The only difference is that unlike the real world where users are limited to time and space, the digital world offers a fully immersive alternative that can be experienced without leaving the house.

With more similarities than differences, experiences like investing and making money through real estate purchases are also very similar.

Passive income is still considered the pinnacle of investment success in all worlds. After all, many agree that there is little better than making your money work for them, rather than the less attractive alternative of working for your money. Investing in real estate, also virtually, is one of the ways.

However, as the world moves towards a digital reality, assets in the metaverse become more than an investment. In some realities, the house one buys in the metaverse will become a place where they live, be it in a penthouse, a place to party on a yacht, or a means of traveling the world in a private UFO.

To start building a virtual house, Fresh Estate lays the foundation as an environmentally friendly metavers agency specializing in the creation of hyper-realistic luxury products, ranging from private jets to luxury goods, each based on unique concepts and sophisticated designs. The team does this through impeccable customer service, a fully immersive experience and a vibrant community.

Life in the penthouse

The project has already announced the launch of its upcoming luxury penthouse collection in New York on July 3.

Each property holding company comes with a title deed known as an NFT† The concept is likened to a digital deed that gives users property rights, similar to how they would in real-world real estate. At any time, users can choose to trade all or part of their holdings at any time.

An additional benefit that users will experience by holding digital real estate as an NFT is the verification of ownership. Each asset comes with a series of titles that guarantee that tracking a property’s history takes seconds rather than weeks, as with real-world real estate. The result is accelerated leases and purchase transaction times.

To remove the barriers to using a new management system, Verse Estate, one of the first pioneers of the Solana network (SOL), has developed a system that allows users to link their wallets to their Verse desktop account, where users can log in from your Oculus to access their Verse Estate properties. These features are also accessible via desktop for users who do not already have an oculus.

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In addition to launching their luxury virtual real estate, Verse Estate partners with brands and celebrities to devise strategies and help them transition to the metaverse to better interact with their audiences.

A global team attuned to the latest trends

To respond to a market characterized by constant change, Verse Estate has assembled a global team of more than 60 highly skilled developers, thinkers and other talents, each dedicated to today’s trends and developments in the space. The team has maintained a high level of commitment and discipline ever since, which is considered an asset in maintaining strong relationships with their client.

Looking ahead one more year, the Verse Estate team has stated their focus on driving economic activity as part of their business growth, in addition to raising awareness of their vision of creating a decentralized, community-owned and inclusive metaverse in build.

Fresh Estate has also recently established a partnership with the renowned Magic Eden platform. They will be on display at the launch pad for their exclusive collection in New York City, due out July 3, joining some of the most prominent Solana collections of our time.

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