Hilarious wedding vows inspired by Hilary Duff leave the internet in a stitch

It’s unusual for a groom to be excited in his vows about someone other than who they’re marrying, but that’s exactly what Marco Braun did so because of his love for Hilary Duff. to reveal and, more specifically, the character she played as a teenager, Lizzie Maguire.

At his April wedding to his partner of five years, Danny Chapman, Marco had his groom, the congregation and the celebrant in fits of laughter.

A pair of suitable grooms laugh with their celebrant during their vows, with an inset image of actor Hilary Duff.

A Chicago antiques dealer’s reference to Hilary Duff had failed his groom and everyone else.

“This is what dreams are made of #pride #wedding @hilaryduff‘ Marco tagged his TikTok clip, which quickly went viral.

“Growing up, I always imagined I would marry teen idol and gay icon Hilary Duff in the early 2000s,” Marco began his vows.

“So you understand my shock today to see you,” he said to his smiling groom.


Marco revealed that while searching for similarities between Danny and Hilary’s infamous TV character, he quickly discovered that he was Lizzie himself and that his future husband was Lizzie’s best friend, Gordo.

“Spoiler alert: They end up together,” he said.

“All my life I was looking for my Lizzie McGuire, when I should have been looking for my Gordo,” Marco said in the clip.

Three shots of a wedding scene with a female celebrant in the background, while groom Marco Braun in a purple check suit reads his vows to his smiling fellow groom Danny, who wears a navy blue suit and gold tie.  icago

Groom Marco Braun has gone viral with his hilarious vows referencing Hilary Duff. Photo: TikTok/@bowtieinchicago

Marco finished the clip by quoting the lyrics of Hilary’s hit This is what dreams are made of: “I’ve got somewhere I belong, I’ve got someone to love, this is what dreams are made of.”

And viewers loved it!

“I didn’t expect to laugh so much and cry at the same time; this is just beautiful,” one commented.

“This is fantastic,” added another.

“This is seriously so beautiful and hilarious,” wrote another.

With over 4.2 million views and 1 million likes, it didn’t take long for Hilary to find out about the hilarious vows.

“Ughhh swoooon. Where was my invite?” she wrote sharing the video on her Instagram Stories.

“She shared it and she also contacted us personally. She is sending us a wedding gift,” Marco revealed PEOPLE magazine.

    Hilary Duff with long blond hair worn loose and in a black outfit with white daisies attends the 2022 ABC Disney Upfront in Basketball City.  She is standing in front of a blue wall with white logos.

With all the tags, Hilary Duff was quickly notified of her unexpected wedding cameo! Photo: Getty Images

“I keep saying to myself, ‘If I told my younger self this was going to happen, I wouldn’t believe me in a million years’.”

Danny revealed that he was “not that shocked” Hilary was mentioned in his husband’s vows.

“But the fact that he came to realize that he was Lizzie McGuire himself was so much fun,” added Danny.

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