Nokia contributes €1.1 million to 4 universities in Finland

Nokia has announced that it will donate a total of €1.1 million to four Finnish universities to support technology research, education and innovation.

In a statement released on June 22, Nokia also stated that the donation will be distributed to Aalto University and the universities of Helsinki, Oulu and Tampere, reports.

“The impact of Nokia’s donation will be further enhanced by the Finnish state’s campaign to match industry funding for universities,” the statement reads.

The four selected universities that will receive donations will use them to improve research in areas vital to Nokia’s business, such as 5G and 6G, edge computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and quantum technologies.

Nokia also supports and cooperates for a long time with the education sector at different levels, for example in large-scale research projects.

In this regard, Tommi Uitto, President of Nokia Mobile Networks and Country Manager for Finland, said Nokia’s more than 157-year history in Finland was based on long-term research and continuous innovation.

“With this donation, we want to emphasize the importance of Finnish research and education and do our part to continue to drive innovation and world-class talent,” he also pointed out.

Nokia is a company based in Finland, founded in 1865 and a leader in multinational telecommunications, information technology and consumer electronics. Every year, the company offers internships for about 500 young people in Finland.

The company also has about 6,500 employees. However, it is estimated that more than 2,000 new employees were hired in the company between 2018 and 2022, many of whom work in highly qualified research and development positions. This year Nokia hired more than 260 new employees.

One of Finland’s oldest and largest universities is the University of Helsinki, with more than 31,000 students and nearly 10,000 employees. On the other hand, the University of Tampere is also known in Finland and one of the institutions receiving donations with 21,000 students and more than 4,000 employees.

Founded in 1958, the University of Oulu is an international university with nearly 14,000 students in eight faculties and 3,700 employees.

Moreover, Aalto University was founded in 2010 through the merger of the Helsinki School of Economics, the Helsinki University of Technology and the Helsinki University of Art and Design. Today it consists of six schools, 12,000 students (FTE) and 4,000 teachers and staff, nearly 400 of whom serve as professors.

This year, the Technology industry has allocated €4 million to Finnish universities with a focus on technology, of which Aalto has donated €1.2 million.

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