ThinkIQ’s vision platform eliminates blind spots

ThinkIQ, a pioneer in digital manufacturing transformation SaaS, today announced major enhancements to its Vision platform. The new offering strengthens the company’s industry-leading Continuous Supply Chain Intelligence platform, providing unprecedented visibility in the workplace, eliminating blind spots and increasing worker productivity and safety.

Today’s manufacturers need a new level of visibility that can facilitate transformative decision making throughout the manufacturing process and supply chain. To achieve this, the industry cannot simply rely on data from smart equipment, leaving more than 80 percent of the process uncovered in most facilities.

ThinkIQ Vision embraces modern vision processing software combined with powerful prepackaged machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to transform workplace cameras into powerful sensors that eliminate blind spots in equipment, materials and people to significantly improve the data available for continuous intelligence.

The latest version of ThinkIQ Vision now has out-of-the-box capabilities to detect and digitize dozens of common manufacturing events, including:

• Receive and dispatch vehicle activities
• Material Movements and Presence
• Presence and activity of anonymous people
• Machine status and physical events
• Andon light status
• Security Violations
• Values ​​from older analog and disconnected digital displays
• Values ​​of stand-alone displays

In addition, ThinkIQ now offers edge hardware with cameras, sensors, wireless networks, an edge computer, and mobile back-haul devices. This ensures a fast implementation that requires little or no effort from the customer. When using the mobile option, the solution is effectively unlocked via the customer’s network, eliminating any security vulnerabilities.

These hardware kits come pre-configured so manufacturers can have cameras as IoT sensors that can be connected and functioning in just a few hours.

“Many manufacturers are still effectively blind to a staggering percentage of what happens on the factory floor. With these latest enhancements, we eliminate their blind spots and give them the full picture by measuring machines for use, materials and products for status, and people for efficiency,” said Doug Lawson, CEO of ThinkIQ. “We’re constantly adding new detection and visibility capabilities to give manufacturers more context and meaning to their data.”

ThinkIQ’s cloud-based SaaS Manufacturing platform simplifies the creation of web-based applications, leveraging the strengths of the Internet of Things, big data, data science, semantic modeling, and machine learning. The platform collects data across the entire operation (existing and IIoT sensors) to provide actionable real-time insights (e.g., identify correlations and root causes, traceability and yield issues, etc.). It creates a new level of capabilities beyond what independent, disconnected operating environments can provide today.

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