TickerWin Publishes Report on ‘Booming of Computing Industry with Blockchain Technology’

HONG KONG, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / July 3, 2022 /TickerWin, one of the leading market research companies, released a report on “Booming of Computing Industry with Blockchain Technology”. Metaverse is a virtual world based on VR and AR technologies, in which users can communicate with each other. In addition to social interactions, it will also be a place for shopping, events, education and more. The metaverse game is a game world where users will exist as avatar versions of themselves, powered by NFT and Blockchain technologies. They can then participate in daily activities, such as meeting friends, running errands, and attending a work event.

Quantum Computing, Bio-Computing and Blockchain Computing

Computing power has always increased. However, new developments on the horizon, such as quantum computing and biocomputing, will blow Moore’s Law — the 1965 observation that computers tend to double in power about every two years — out of the water. The field of computing that we call artificial intelligence, especially machine learning and deep learning, has become especially viable in the last decade as computer processors are finally available that can keep up with the required background math. Today, Google would have a working quantum computer that can run 100 million times faster than any non-quantum computer. While this will only be relevant for a very limited number of use cases (it’s unlikely you could use it to run the game, say, 100 million times faster than on a powerful GPU), it’s clear we’re poised for an increase in computing power, unlike anything we’ve seen before.

The Rise of Blockchain and NFT Assets

With the advent of a new open, decentralized internet, comes a greater focus on blockchain, for the management of transparent data. Blockchains ensure easy, reliable data exchanges, recorded histories and decentralized authority.

Many experts believe that the blockchain will play an important role in creating a secure and fair metaverse. The blockchain also helps create a new economy within the metaverse, an economy defined by creators who can monetize the things they make and receive adequate compensation for their talents.

For example, NFTs, or non-replaceable tokens, are an exciting part of the metaverse, allowing people to sell everything from data to services and experiences in a way that benefits the actual artist or creator behind each asset.

The roles startups can play

Startups are emerging all over the world with their own metaverses. In addition, NFTs have been a hot topic for many months and the prospect of combining NFTs and metaverse solutions holds great potential. Countless startups have launched platforms for users to create, mint and sell their own NFTs. These platforms also partner with brands and companies looking to enter the NFT space.

In addition to creating their own metaverses, startups are also developing technology to help build or support metaverses. In that sense, they play a tech enabler role. For example, they can provide companies with the tools to create their own immersive 3D environments in the metaverse, with high-quality visuals and an optimal user experience. They can provide companies with the tools to launch solutions to organize their meetings in the metaverse or to advertise their products at virtual events. Such tools include 3D development, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, etc.

As questions and concerns arise about user security, metaverse regulation, and other legal matters, companies will likely need to implement cybersecurity and compliance solutions. Startups, already leaders in these areas for industries such as insurance, will emerge as key vendors to ensure compliance with future regulations and security best practices.

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