Track your VR fitness stats with the Oculus mobile app or Apple Health

Whether you’re avoiding The thrill of the fight or bump into the landing FitXRvirtual reality is a great way to work up a sweat – you often forget that you are even working out. Today we are introducing the ability to track your Meta Quest fitness stats from VR to your phone. Once you’ve set up the Move app — Meta Quest’s built-in fitness tracker that lets you set goals for how many calories you’ve burned and how many minutes you’ve spent exercising in VR — you can choose to sync your Move stats with the Oculus Mobile App and Apple Health. Previously, that information was only available in Move in headset.

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How to sync your motion stats to your phone

If you haven’t already set up the Move app on your Meta Quest or Meta Quest 2, you can find it in the apps panel of your headset. Open your apps by selecting them from your menu bar. First, you’ll be guided through a brief introductory procedure to set up your Move goals.

After you’ve set up the Move app, you can choose to sync your Move stats to your phone by following these instructions:

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  • First sign in to sync your data from VR to your Oculus Mobile app.
    • From the Move app in VR, tap Settings in the lower right corner.
    • Scroll down to Connect Move to Oculus Mobile App and turn on the switch.
    • Your Move stats, including information such as Move minutes, calories burned, and goals, are encrypted and stored on our servers so you can track your fitness progress through the Oculus Mobile app.
    • You can disconnect your Move stats from the Oculus Mobile app at any time by going to your Move settings while in the headset.

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  • Then, after your VR training session, open the Oculus Mobile app on your phone.
    • Click the Move tile on the Explore tab
    • You’ll see the Move dashboard, which shows your stats for the day. You can also filter by app or view your monthly calendar view.

How to sync with Apple Health

For iOS users, you also have the option to sync your stats to Apple Health so all your activities, both in and out of VR, are available in one place. Syncing with Apple Health automatically tracks your VR workouts on your iPhone or Apple Watch without manually entering information about your workout.

We’re rolling out these new features gradually, so don’t worry if you don’t see them today – they’re on their way.

  • To link your Move stats to Apple Health:
    • Connect Move to the Oculus Mobile app using the instructions above.
    • Tap the Connected apps tab at the top.
    • Tap the switch next to Apple Health to enable sync. When prompted, grant permissions to both active energy and workouts.

Product mock up of Meta Quest workouts in Apple Health

When you connect to Apple Health, information about your Meta Quest workouts, including apps used, estimated calories burned, and the headset you’re using, is shared with Apple Health. Allows you to track your Move activity with Apple Health. You can change your Apple Health permissions by going to your iPhone Settings > Health > Data Access & Devices > Oculus. You can always disconnect from Apple Health in the Oculus Mobile app. This will prevent new Move activity from updating in Apple Health, but your previous Move activity will still be displayed.

And if you have an Apple Watch, you can find your Move stats on the Fitness Mobile and Watch app, listed under Fitness Gaming.

For more information, visit the Move support page

Ready to work up a sweat in VR? Meta Quest has you covered with enough optionsregardless of your mood or fitness level.

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